Your children need to learn these social etiquettes

Although it is difficult to teach some social etiquette to children, you should teach your children etiquette, reading this report will help you.



Teach these social etiquettes to your children

Teaching social etiquette to children may be difficult; Because sometimes you have to remind your child of the right behaviors over and over again. When your child learns to do it right, encourage him, hug and kiss him, and be a role model for him by doing these things for yourself.

In the following, join us to tell you about the etiquette that children should follow in different situations.

Social etiquette necessary for children

Entering the group for the first time
Social etiquette that your child should learn
Your child should know that when he enters the group for the first time, he must greet and introduce himself; Otherwise, others will ignore him; For example, in the company of new neighbors, he can say: “Hello, my name is Sara. “We live on the first floor.”

Explain to your child that when he or she wants to introduce two people, first introduce the younger person to the older person and give the older person a title; Say, for example, “Mr. …, this is my friend Sarah.”


 these social etiquettes

Children etiquette

When speaking,
your child should learn to verbalize when talking to others, not just himself; Therefore, it is necessary to:
• Listen to the words of others politely and respectfully and do not jump between their words.
• Do not just wait for his turn to speak but listen carefully to what the other person has to say.

Ask the other person questions about what he or she hears to show interest in what he or she is saying.
• Do not use mobile phones and tablets at the dinner table and communicate with others instead. As a parent, set aside your cell phone and listen to what others have to say.

etiquette that your child needs to learn
• Your child needs to know that when eating, everyone needs to wait for everyone to eat on their plates and then start eating.

In the company of friends and acquaintances

Teach your child:
• When someone gives him something, be sure to thank him.
Be sure to start your requests with the word “please”.
• Never touch the host’s supplies and objects and just look at them.

• When entering a place, especially a store, instead of closing the door behind it, keep it open for others to enter. You can do this yourself so he can see and learn.

• When entering a building or elevator and subway, wait for those who want to leave to pass through the door first.
• Do not stare at others, especially those who are different from others, and know that this is far from polite.
• Respect differences in people’s lifestyles. Be sure to tell him that these differences are not a sign that others’ lifestyles are right or wrong.

• Be kind to others and sensitive to their needs; For example, go to visit his sick friend, or when his friend falls, hold his hand, or help others while carrying heavy items.


 these social etiquettes

Children etiquette


Advice to parents
• Use positive verbs and adverbs instead of negative verbs; For example, instead of saying, “Don’t be so rude!” Say, “Be polite!”

• Look for positives at parties instead of negatives; For example, if you do not like the food prepared by the host, you should define dessert.

• Tell your child never to label other people’s behavior; Because it does more harm than good.
• Be cool; Because when you get angry and scream, you lose respect for your child.

• Show interest in your child. When something goes wrong, tell him why it’s wrong and then hug him; Because by doing so, you increase the honesty and interest that is between you.

• Be vigilant; Because children’s inattention to others is not always appropriate for their age.
Always be an example of moral role models.
• Try not to be too strict and dry.

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