Working mothers and raising good and successful children

Working mothers and raising their children are different from other mothers, so in this section, we have collected tips for better raising the children of this group of mothers and, of course, other mothers that you are reading.



Raising good children by working mothers

Working mothers and raising their children is a little more difficult due to their different responsibilities and requires less time, so they should know and consider the main points in this regard better and more fashion than other mothers.

If you are a working mother, you understand the concept of lack of time, fatigue and worry very well. Do not worry! We want to help you get your life and responsibilities in order.
Come to your senses first
You will definitely have problems if you do not create balance and coordination between your different roles. On the one hand, this issue may cause you injuries such as excessive fatigue, constant stress , stress and depression , and on the other hand, it may lead to the weakening of your family relationships and educational damage for your children. . The best suggestion is to have a careful and calculated planning to deal with this issue properly, by which you can improve the quality of your time at home.
Your behavior and performance is the most important gift you give your family. Motherhood is one of your most important roles; So: Try to adjust your breakfast time so that you can eat breakfast with your children in complete peace and talk about what is to be done. B
When you get home, be sure to make time for your rest. This time can be short but it is effective for your energy. You can lie down for a few minutes and close your eyes or take a cold shower. Get a little look; Drink a cup of hot coffee or tea and then move on to other tasks.
If you want to cook or clean, ask your child to come to the kitchen. Tell her that you would like her to help you prepare the food. Now you can talk to him. Ask him to bring his drawing book with him to the kitchen and draw next to you. You also talk about the painting and the colors it uses. You can even occasionally pick up a crayon and draw a sun, a butterfly, a flower, a tree for it. By doing this, on the one hand, you do the housework and on the other hand, you establish a friendly and loving relationship with your child and you are informed about his mental and physical condition.
Working mothers

Working mothers and raising good children

Make time or places to play with children and read poems to them. This will make the kids more interested in being with you, in addition to making your mood happier.
Make every effort to have dinner with all family members. Ask your child to help you pick up the tableware to your liking. In fact, it is one of the most useful ways to create love and make up for your emotional emptiness at home.
At night, tell your child a story at bedtime or read his or her favorite books. Reading books, unlike watching TV, creates concentration in the child, and this concentration will bring a sense of calm to the child. In this way, you help the dynamism of his mind and add his imagination and sense of self-confidence . Of course, your reading should not be dry and inflexible; For example, there are many questions for children while reading stories. Answer each of his questions patiently. By doing this, you are reminding him that you have not forgotten him.
Make notes with the words “I love you my son or daughter” or “I will always remember you”; Because children’s confidence and strong morale depend on feeling such security.
Usually whenever children want to talk to their parents, the parents are not ready to listen and tell their child that now is not the right time. Decide to listen to your children whenever they want to talk to you.
Have a plan
It is true that usually planning is not 100% successful, but planning itself in the first step can better show your capabilities and abilities. Believe that with careful planning, you can do all your work on time and without stress, and reduce distractions and forgetfulness.
Buy a small notebook. On Friday nights, make a note entitled “Weekly Tasks” and write down your daily or weekly tasks, such as medical programs or meeting dates for parents and educators of the children’s school, etc. Note that planning must be rational; So that you can implement the theme during the week. Be sure to include your tasks in order of priority in the booklet. This method helps you to complete your tasks according to their importance.
For example, you can use this method to organize household chores: Make a list for cooking and shopping, and ask your spouse to help you with the ingredients for cooking. By doing this, you get rid of stress and worries. Many working women on weekends prepare the ingredients for cooking during the week and keep them in the freezer. This will take much less time to cook.
Even during the week, they do not worry about “what to cook”. Postpone tasks such as chopping and packing vegetables, meat, poultry, ironing clothes or washing dirty clothes on weekends. Be sure to ask the rest of the family to help you. By doing this, you both strengthen the team spirit in the children and that you are together.
In planning, follow your personal approach. Certainly your lifestyle is not the same as your neighbors, sisters and friends, and in fact, just use their experiences.
Working mothers

Establish a good relationship with your child

I always consult my daughter in my work
A working mother says that I consult my daughter in my work so that she feels that she has grown up and that her words can be counted on. At night, before going to bed, I sit next to him for a few minutes and caress his hair, letting him explain to me everything that has bothered him at school or at home today, and he will easily share his problems with me.
I always praise her and tell her that I am proud to have a girl like her who easily shares her words with her mother and this has made her a patient stone instead of her friends; Be myself. “Even when he went to kindergarten, I tried to walk and talk with my daughter on the way from kindergarten to home, which was about 20 minutes .”
I spend time playing with my child
A mother works in a government office who sends her 6-year-old daughter to kindergarten every day until 4 o’clock. “Every day on the way from kindergarten to home, I ask my daughter to explain everything that happened to her in the morning,” she said. I applaud him for the good things he has done. Although I’m tired, we sometimes go to the street park and stay there for half an hour. When I go home, I spend time playing with my daughter, and I usually take care of the housework when she prefers to play alone in her room or watch TV.
Sometimes as a game I ask my daughter to help me with the housework. During my hours at home, I constantly hug honey and tell her that I love her. “I read books that improve my skills in this area, and most importantly, I always tell her a story before going to bed, and I try to tell a character in the story to my daughter that her mother loves very much.”
I discovered my child’s interests
The principal of a school tells us about his experiences: “I have two sons, one is 9 years old and the other is 17 years old. I did not agree much with sending children to kindergarten, and my mother took care of my children until they grew up and could now be alone at home, and it was here that I just realized how busy I was at work and how far away I was from my children. They even told my mother about their needs when I was at home, and my mother was able to establish a good emotional connection with them.
With the help of my mother, I also tried to get closer to the children and decided to dedicate some time of the day to my children. I ride a bike with them in the yard . I took small pots and spent an hour of the day planting flowers and taking care of the pots with my sons, and I talked to them during that. “Now the relationship between us is very satisfying.”

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