Why is your baby crying?

It is only the baby’s cries that will tell you to check his health; Because he communicates with you this way.



Translate the baby’s cry

Babies reach the weakest age of their lives when they are not even able to kill a mosquito. At this time, the mother and other caregivers play the most important role, and they should pay attention to their child. In the meantime, crying has its own importance. In fact, as long as the baby does not cry, the mother thinks that everything is fine and there is no need for the baby, but as soon as your baby cries, you realize that he wants to warn you of unhappiness.

So crying is really a way for babies to express themselves. In most cases, you may not know the reason for your baby crying so much, but the important and positive thing about crying baby is that expressing his needs in this way and the mother’s instincts are directly related. In fact, the baby expresses its needs through crying, in a situation where the mother responds, this will increase the bond between mother and baby. We all know that a crying baby needs to be calmed down.
But when you are constantly wondering how to calm the baby, you should know that this crying is also a sign of health and in this way, the baby also expresses his health. In this article, we will clarify some issues about crying babies that you may have time to know more about.

The meaning of the baby’s first cry?

Do you hear your baby crying after giving birth? This is the voice you have always been waiting to hear. This voice not only announces the arrival and presence of the baby but also tells you that you have entered a new phase of life. In fact, crying helps the baby to breathe and open its lungs to let air in. Although many parents believe that every time the baby cries, it helps the lungs to become stronger, but it must be said that only the baby’s first cry has this property.

At other times, when your baby cries, you should look for the factors that cause the baby to be annoyed and helpless. When your baby cries for the first time, it indicates that there is no problem inside his body and you can take a deep breath. According to experts, this is the first time that crying is of special importance for the baby.

Why do you have to learn their language?

If the baby does not cry, you will never know what he wants. Crying can have different causes and degrees. Each level or degree indicates the amount of irritation or attention the baby needs. Over time, every mother learns to understand the sign of each cry, so when the baby cries, look for the most obvious signs, such as whether she is hungry, has a diaper rash, is hot or cold, or needs attention.

It is only the baby’s cries that will tell you to check his health; Because he communicates with you in this way, in fact, this movement should be considered the baby’s language. As long as your child speaks, you should be aware of his or her needs. So try to learn the official language of babies as soon as possible!

Relationship between crying and infant mental health

When you take care of your baby or cuddle him, you give him the message that he is not alone. Many adults believe that you should not pay too much attention to the baby’s crying in order to be polite, please discard this belief right now. Psychologists believe that newborns in the first months of life need more attention than politeness or listening.


This helps the baby feel safe and secure; Babies who grow up in these conditions and under care and attention will be better in the future than babies who are not in these conditions. Constantly ignoring the baby will make him a quiet person and this will be a challenge for the baby’s psychological health.

In fact, babies who are abnormally silent are psychologically disturbed and anxious inside. In fact, your attention or inattention at the beginning of life can have a huge impact on your child’s future life. So please pay more attention to your child’s crying and prepare him for future life.

Why not be indifferent to crying?

If you pay more attention to the baby’s crying, you will notice that when he cries, many of his muscles, arms, legs, or the whole body twist and bend. This in itself is a kind of sport. But you should not overlook any arcs. Make sure she is not crying because of medical symptoms or abdominal pain and do not let her cry for a long time.

Respect her feelings

It may come as no surprise that you know that crying, even for babies, is a way of expressing feelings and emotions. When you know when he is upset and you do not listen to him, the most obvious thing for him will be to cry to get your attention. But do not worry, this kind of expression of feelings is good. When your baby cries, listen to him and check on his wants and needs, even talk about it and distract him. This allows you to reduce the amount of anger and stubbornness.

Why is your baby crying?

You may be interested to know what causes your baby to cry. Here are some of the most common reasons babies cry.

Feeling uncomfortable?

If you feed the baby and you see that he is fine but suddenly cries, be sure to check his diaper. The baby will never feel comfortable in wet or dirty diapers. In these cases, you must replace it immediately. The wetness and dampness of the diaper irritate the baby and as a result, he will cry from time to time. On the other hand, not changing the diaper regularly leads to skin rashes and the baby reacts to the unpleasant feeling and the pain caused by it only by crying.

Suffering from colic?

Colic or abdominal pain is a condition in which the abdomen aches and the pain causes the baby to cry for hours on end. This often occurs in the first month of life and disappears over time until the fourth and fifth months after birth. One way to prevent stomach pain is to slap your baby on the back after eating.

Is it possible to feel suffocated?

Many people believe that swaddling a baby and covering him with enough clothes to keep him warm and creating a womb-like atmosphere is a good way. But in such cases, babies often need something to the contrary. If you have tried everything and you still see that the baby still feels uncomfortable, it is better not to swaddle him and cut a few layers of clothes that you have covered him. This movement calms the baby more and makes him stop crying.

Has his nose caught?

Do you remember how much a stuffy nose gets on your nerves when you have a cold or the flu? To see how upset your baby will be about this. The fact that the baby can not breathe easily through the nose makes him think that he has an internal problem and his defense mechanism in these situations is crying. In this case, it is better to use nasal drops for children to open their nostrils.

Is he sleeping?

Babies and babies have trouble sleeping on their own. If you see your baby feeling restless and uncomfortable crying, sing a lullaby to help him fall asleep.


Need a break?

Sometimes too much attention causes stress in the baby. Crowded places, loud noises and a lot of travel can also be the cause in this regard. If you find that any of these factors are causing her stress, try stroking her in your room or leaving to reassure her that everything is calm.

Tired of being alone?

Although too much attention can bother the baby, it is your attention that the baby wants from the bottom of his heart. So if your baby does not see you for a long time, he will cry. Remember that nothing and no one but you will be able to calm him down.

Listen to these tips

If the baby is feeling well, defecating easily and painlessly, feeling well between cries, and even being naughty, then you need to see what other factors are causing the crying. Also, consider these

options: Severe fever – Excessive pain

in some parts of the body (sometimes he will point to the part of the body that is in pain)

– Skin rash or allergies

– Nausea; Of course, this can indicate a more serious problem and it is better to see a doctor immediately.

Is he teething?

Every mother’s nightmare is teething a baby, which will be painful for her. If you see that she cries a lot most of the time, be sure to check her mouth and gums. If you see a sharp tooth coming out, massage his gums or give him something to bite.

Hug your baby

You need to know that in addition to physical needs, babies also have emotional needs that are usually directly related to hugging. Most of the time, hugging and caring for your baby can go a long way toward ensuring that you can meet your baby’s emotional needs. As children get older, they receive this attention by looking at you or hearing your voice, but younger children need closer physical contact to achieve this feeling. If you are breastfeeding, then you are changing the diaper, it is very simple that then he wants to be hugged.

Some parents are worried that their baby will get used to hugging, but especially in the first few months of life you can not do this, hug him and shake him gently. On the other hand, some children do not like to be in too much physical contact with them, they get tired and cry quickly from being kissed regularly and moving from one side to the other. In contrast, these children are children who like to be always in their arms. For these children, the mother may use a hug that both the child has close contact with the mother and the mother is free to do her work. Maybe this is a solution to make both the baby and the mother a little easier.

be calm

Sometimes parents blame themselves for not being able to calm the child. If you have met the needs of the child and there is no particular problem, now is the time to take care of yourself and not get upset. Try to calm yourself down so that you can gain better control over the situation. Get help from others and leave the child to someone else for a while.

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