When you let your child hit you!

Never let your child hit you to calm him down. This has bad consequences for him and he will feel guilty about it.


Do not let your child punch you

It is very frustrating to have a child who is an excuse and seeks to cry and vent his anger by shouting and screaming around. Sometimes young parents who do not have the patience to tolerate the child’s situation and these excuses use the wrong parenting methods and allow their child to hit them to calm the child.

It is wrong to allow a child to hit a parent

Sometimes parents let their child hit them to reduce their anger. They also argue that his hands are small and his anger is great, we, who do not feel pain, let him calm down. Or hit me on the arm instead of punching the abdomen. Unaware that the child feels guilty or anxious after confronting the parents, like the parents.

your child hit you

Treat your child properly to calm down

Do not let even if it is not, then learn the only way to suppress anger is to beat. Parents in these situations should say: Do not hit! I will never let you do that. Tell me if you are upset by talking.
If the child is too young to notice, just say no! Hitting is not a good thing and hold his hands.

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