When should we give fruit to children?

When should we give fruit to children?

There is no doubt that eating a variety of fruits has a significant impact on health and wellness. For this reason, eating fruit is just as important for children as it is for adults.



Age of onset of fruit on children

From the age of 6 months and with the beginning of complementary feeding, when the type of food the child changes from liquid to glaze, puree, solid puree, and table food, evolutionary changes are made in the child’s food intake and therefore the variety of food consumption begins. But this variety starts with a small amount, ie a tablespoon of jam so that the baby’s body has the enzyme needed for digestion.

But since children may be prone to fruit allergies, they should start with fruits that are not allergenic. The best fruit that can be included in a baby’s diet in the first few weeks of complementary feeding is dilute juice, which is gradually increased in concentration.
In the case of vegetables, it is better to start feeding with carrot juice mixed with apple juice, until gradually, as the child grows, the fruits can be pureed and then into small pieces in the process of increasing chewing and swallowing. Baby food. The last fruit that should be included in his diet in this process is citrus. Because citrus fruits can be allergenic. The only choice among citrus fruits is “sweet lemon juice”, which is less sensitive than other citrus fruits.

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