When does child rearing begin?

Childhood is important in the formation of the main character, which ignores many human violence and disorders that must be acted in the right way to raise the child.



Important points for raising a child

Childhood is important in shaping the personality of the main person, which ignores many human violence and disorders.
The misconception that existed in the past was the neglect of children and the use of corporal punishment as the only way to educate children, but today, despite the science of psychology and educational sciences, positive developments have taken place in this field.


When to start raising a child?
In Islam, the best time to raise a child is 7 years before birth, and it is interesting to know that Dr. Silvanus, one of the most prominent American psychologists, has confirmed this by stating that raising a child begins many years before birth.

These wise words show the influence of the previous generation on the life of the present generation. It is better to know the mental states of the parents during intercourse and especially the states of the mother during pregnancy in the formation of mental states.The fetus is effective. During this period, the mother should pay attention to her physical health and be effective in the physical and mental health of the child by following proper and adequate nutrition, using healthy air, avoiding intense activities and excessive fatigue.



Important things you need to know about raising a child

After the birth of a child, we should not ignore its individual differences and try to educate it according to our child’s knowledge, because if the way and method of education is effective for a child, we can not boldly claim that the same method is effective for another child. According to our child’s mood and way of thinking, let him know and put him on the right path.


How many sections does childhood have?
In Islam, the stages of a child’s educational development are divided into three parts, the first 7 years of the sovereignty period, the second 7 years of the obedience period, and the third period the ministry period.
Childhood is the most important and main part of child education, which unfortunately is not paid much attention to. Mothers who have read many cookbooks but have not read a single page about child education.


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