What to do with the child’s questions and talkativeness?

Your child’s is constantly asking and talking. Sometimes you get really tired and you can no longer tolerate your child’s talkativeness. At that moment, remember the contents of this section and do the best behavior.



Things to about Jabber children learn

The sooner your child learns to talk, the sooner he or she will start asking questions that we should have the most appropriate behavior in this period with the child talking.
The best behavior when a child asks you a question is to answer in the simplest and most complete way. Note that if you do not know the answer to the question, honestly say I do not know the answer but I will find it. Look for the answer in the book with your child and tell him everything that has been achieved so that he has no doubt in his mind and makes you a poisonous and precise person in his mind.
What about encouraging the child to ask questions? Never tell a child “how much you talk” when he or she is talking or has a question. If you have something to do, tell him or her to wait. This will teach him or her to be patient and respect the work of others.

Get along well with your child’s talkativeness

The child remains hungry like a human being, which will have negative consequences if this need is not met.
These questions and conversations are a sign of your child’s growing curiosity that will make you happy. Raising a child with his questions is formed at the beginning of a child who may have various questions such as sexual questions that are explained in this case on the full site Namnak or sometimes ask about death and God that should not be distracted with answers The best answer is to explain as simple as possible and complete the rest by explaining what you want to know in school.
 Remember never to lie to your child!

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