What to do with objects stuck in children’s throats?

Immediate action when objects stuck in children’s throats

Babies put objects in their mouths in the first year of life to get to know the world and the objects around them, so it is not at all strange that these objects enter their mouths and airways, which is often so frightening that parents are embarrassed. They lose their limbs and so-called, and in addition to helping the child, they cause other problems that might be better if they did not do something.

Signs and symptoms
Symptoms of foreign body entry into the respiratory tract are seen in 3 stages. The first stage is severe coughing, crying and weakness of the child, bruising and nausea , but after a few minutes, a temporary improvement due to stopping the cough due to the patient’s fatigue may be seen, which is very deceptive and dangerous and people around may think it is dangerous. Fixed and eventually the effects of shortness of breath , infection and other complications.

The first step
In the first encounter with such a problem, it is very effective to quickly identify the type of obstruction and take immediate action to save the child. Obstruction caused by a foreign body is in most cases incomplete and there is some way for air to pass through and it is very rare for complete obstruction to occur in the airways, but you should know that each of these two types has its own signs and symptoms. The type of approach to each of them is different, so before any action, you should carefully check what kind of obstruction you are dealing with.

If the child was over one year old
If the child is conscious, tell him to stand. Apply 5 firm pressures to the lower part of the sternum. This may be repeated up to 10 times. If he was not conscious and was lying on the ground, he should put 2 hands on the area below the sternum and apply 5 strong presses inwards and upwards, and then examine the mouth and look at the foreign object.


 What should we do?
Contact an emergency medical center before doing anything, as you may be acting on your own and failing and wasting time. If the child is not small enough to understand what coughing is and is able to cough, encourage him to cough with careful care, but if the child is too young to be asked to do so, or if the breathing disorder worsens, choking. Noise and loss of consciousness There are several important things to do.


First, look into the baby’s mouth and pull out the lip and tongue of the body that is stuck in his throat very quickly. Of course, before doing this, you must control yourself well and do it at the same time and speed. Be careful. Never put a finger in a child’s mouth without seeing a foreign object, as you may turn an incomplete obstruction into a complete obstruction as the foreign object descends, making the situation worse than it already is.

Removing a foreign object from the throat of a child under one year of age is more difficult and breathtaking, and if you do not have enough self-confidence, do not take any practical action, but if you start to act, follow the following steps.


How to remove stuck objects from a child’s throat

first stage

If you see a foreign object, it should be removed by passing the index finger next to the object and then bending the finger carefully.


children's throats


Removing stuck objects from a child’s throat

second stage
If you do not see a foreign body for a child under one year, hold the child as shown below. Then examine the inside of the baby’s mouth as shown in Figure 1 and remove the object.


children's throats

The last method to remove objects from the child’s throat

third level
If breathing is not established, respiratory ventilation should be performed for the child by mouth-to-mouth breathing and the above steps should be repeated if necessary. These steps continue until the foreign body comes out or the rescue force arrives.


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