What to do with a child crying for no reason?

A few ways to calm a  baby crying for no reason

Basically, babies cry for a variety of reasons. But sometimes their parents can not identify the reason for their crying and children who do not have a tongue to express their pain. But even if you can not identify the cause of your child’s crying, you can calm him down and calm your brain in several ways. The following methods are the result of parental experience and are quite practical.

1- Something to suck
Sucking causes a gentle and regular heartbeat and relieves the baby’s abdominal pain. To soothe a crying baby, put a pacifier or finger in his mouth to suck and relax.

crying for no reason

Music and soothing baby crying

2 – Sing lullabies
to the child or play music for him and dance together in the room. For this purpose, you can try different types of music to find out which type your child likes and calms him down. Dancing the baby in your arms causes the baby’s body to exercise a little and relax, and may lead to sleep. 3- Hot water Like fresh air, hot water can calm the baby and stop his crying. Just like when you bathe your baby, hold him under a warm faucet and let the hot water move over his body. 4 – Multi-frequency sound Maybe in your opinion the sound of a vacuum cleaner

It is not relaxing at all, but babies love to hear such multi-frequency sounds that mute other ambient sounds. This sound is just like the sound they heard in the mother’s womb for 9 months. Or, for example, some mothers say that their baby calms down with the sound of running water. Or some even claim that the sound of the bath ventilator gives their child a sense of calm, so to calm him down, they take him in their arms for a few minutes and turn on the ventilator.

5 – Fresh air
Sometimes opening a window or at home and standing in the path of air flow, makes the child quiet and calm. If this is the answer, you can talk to him about the sky and the surroundings of the house when you hug him on the balcony or by the window.


crying for no reason

Hug your baby to calm him down

6 – Hugging and swaddling
newborns are very interested in feeling warm and safe like a mother’s womb. So, swaddle your baby or wrap him in a tight blanket and hug him to make him feel safe. Some babies feel very comfortable with their buttocks and hugs, and for more comfort you can move them up and down with gentle movements. You can even put a pacifier in her mouth. Some mothers warm their baby’s blanket with a hair dryer and then wrap the baby in it and hold it tightly.

7 – Move
Hugging or placing the baby inside the calf and walking will help calm him down. Another way to move is to use movable chairs or swings. You can put the baby in a moving cradle and shake him. Some mothers use their children to play on large balls, causing them to get tired and fall asleep.

8 – Massage
Most children like to be touched. Therefore, massage can be a solution. It does not matter if you know the basics of massage or not, it is important to gently rub your baby’s hands and feet to feel relaxed and at ease.

9 – Other solutions
If you have tried all means to calm your crying baby and he is still crying, look for a way to help you in such situations. Rest assured that there is a way for your baby to calm down. To be sure, take off her clothes, change her diaper, massage her feet with soothing solutions and creams, cover her with clothes, hold her tightly, and breastfeed her if she is still crying.

10 – Rest yourself
Children who cry most of the time and calm down too late cause stress to their parents. Fortunately, the older children get, the easier it is to calm them down. But for now, don’t feel guilty about taking care of yourself while taking care of your child. This will make you more patient and kind.

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