What to do when a child swallows a foreign object?

Swallowing a foreign object such as sharp objects or pills and toxins is dangerous and has no symptoms, and sometimes we only see short pauses in breathing.



Swallowing a foreign body by a child

Children take everything in their mouths and this is perfectly normal. In fact, they know the world around them by doing this, but one day while this is normal for you, you may suddenly notice that he has swallowed something like coins, screws, pearls, or marbles. How do you react in such a situation?

Be cool
First, make sure the baby swallows the body and is not under the feet, pillow, mattress, or hand. In most cases, swallowing a foreign object has no symptoms, and sometimes we only see a short pause in breathing or difficulty swallowing food, indicating that the foreign object is stuck in an area.

Be calm when you swallow a physical baby. Foreign bodies are naturally excreted through the gastrointestinal tract within 24 to 48 hours or up to 5 days. You can take him to the hospital so that the x-ray can determine the location of the foreign body and the doctor can determine if he will defecate on his own.


child swallows a foreign object

Swallowing a foreign body

Do not be violent
When your child swallows a foreign body and coughs or has trouble breathing, you should act very quickly, but do not do anything that has either dangerous consequences or is useless. Do not look for harsh ways to get the body out of the child’s throat; For example, you do not need to slap him hard on the back or force him to vomit.

If the body is swallowed, it is round.
Even if your child coughs a little, do not worry because he can breathe normally. Take your child to the emergency room to have a radiograph to determine if a foreign object should be removed. In most cases, the foreign body enters the gastrointestinal tract and is excreted in the feces. You need to pay a little more attention to your baby’s bowel movements to make sure the foreign body has been bowed.

If the body is swallowed, it is angled
In this situation, the child will feel severe sore throat, can neither speak nor cough because the foreign body blocks his airway and may suffocate him.

In this situation, call the emergency room immediately and while waiting, try to remove the foreign body by Heimlich method; That is, sit the baby in front of you with your back to you, hook your hands under his chest and grab his stomach, then open your elbows and then press it hard against the baby’s body to hit the pressure, Causes the expulsion of a foreign object. In the same way, pull the foreign object out with two fingers.

child swallows a foreign object

Swallowing a foreign body

If the body is swallowed, it is dangerous to
swallow some foreign objects such as sharp objects or pills and toxins. If the ingested object was toxic, such as a miniature lithium battery found in watches, calculators, and toys, since it can have a burning and poisoning effect, if not disposed of within 24 hours, it should be treated by a specialist. Remove the endoscope.

If the swallowed object is sharp or sharp, do not worry because it will be worn in contact with the villi of the gastrointestinal tract. On the other hand, gastrointestinal enzymes also cause these objects to wear out and make them easier to excrete. Some parents immediately give their child bread dough when he or she eats a sharp object, but this is only effective for driving a needle or razor blade left in the throat.

Be careful
As long as the child is not walking, he is usually not in danger and only takes objects in his mouth that you give him, but when he learns to walk on all fours, the dangers increase. In the park, he may take the leaves of trees, branches, and even small stones into his mouth, or he may put everything you put on the cupboard and toilet table in the mouth from buttons, keys, and cream. Children may suffocate by putting coins, empty balloons, buttons, etc.

in their mouths, so giving children round candies, carrots, grapes, plums, green tomatoes, and uncooked grains is not the right thing to do. You should also be careful of small sibling toys that are not suitable for his age.

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