What to do after breaking a child’s teeth?

Breaking a child’s teeth is always a cause for concern, and because of the unpleasant appearance that occurs after a child’s teeth are broken, the child’s self-confidence decreases. What is the advice of dentists in this situation?



Tips for  breaking a child’s teeth

Breaking baby teeth and disturbing the order and beauty of baby teeth is a problem that many face. Your child may have a broken tooth while playing or due to a sudden blow to the mouth after falling, in which case the dentist will give you the best way.

The head of the Iranian Association of Restorative Dentists, referring to the arrangements for cases where a child’s teeth break, said: “Many children whose teeth are broken suffer from academic failure and isolation due to ridicule by their classmates .”

If the child’s tooth is broken due to an injury or accident, it is best to immediately insert the tooth into the child’s own saliva or saline and take it to the dentist as soon as possible.

breaking a child's teeth

Actions after breaking a child’s teeth

He described the fractures of children’s teeth in two ways and said: “Sometimes the fracture is such that the tooth comes out of the root and sometimes a part of the tooth is broken due to a blow, which is better to wash that part and in the child’s saliva or physiological serum.” Should be placed, because the broken part should not be dried, because if it dries, it is fragile and will not be usable.

The head of the Iranian Association of Restorative Dentists said: “The broken part of the tooth can be replaced with special bandages, but if this is not done, the child may be psychologically affected by negative feelings.” Many children who have broken teeth suffer from academic failure and isolation due to ridicule from their classmates. In fact, repairing a broken tooth is not for beauty, because the child needs it and it has a negative effect on speech. He can say the words correctly and his friends make fun of him, but he can go to a restorative dentist without damaging the other teeth.

In case of such a problem, by referring to a restorative dentist, the child’s broken tooth can be repaired without additional damage to its tissue, using bandages and adhesives.

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