What is the IQ of the first child in the family?

The first children of the family have a higher IQ because the parents spend more time with them and they are more the center of attention.



The first children of the  family have more IQs

The first children in the family have different experiences than the other children in the family. The first children grow up with the inexperience of the young parents and the inexperience of the parents may be a problem for them in some cases, but on the other hand, they are the first fruit of a couple’s life and receive more love from their parents. The researchers concluded that the IQ of the first children showed that the first children benefited more from the IQ than the other children in the family.

The first children in the family are more intelligent

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh found that siblings had even higher IQs than their siblings, who were a year younger.

 IQ of the first child

Parents spend more time with their first children

Researchers at the university, in collaboration with the University of Sydney, examined the data of 5,000 children and found that the first children were of a higher quality than their siblings because of the greater support they received. Parents spend less time with future children in brain-stimulating activities (activities that engage the brain in thinking), such as reading books or listening to music.

Dangerous things like smoking by parents are also more likely after the birth of a second child.

In contrast, the first child of the family20% more at risk for myopia. This could be because of the extra time parents spend teaching them.

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