What is the danger of play dough for children?

What is the danger of play dough for children?

The game paste contains boric acid, which excessive exposure to boric acid negatively affects the reproductive health and developmental structure of individuals.



Play dough is dangerous for children

In one of its latest updates, the Canadian Ministry of Health has made an important recommendation to Canadians, saying that if there is boric acid in raw materials used in handicrafts and children’s toys, do not buy them and do not use these products. . Slime plays dough has recently become popular among children in many countries (including our own country), and some roses for children play contain boric acid. In addition, the Canadian Department of Health warns against the use of boric acid in the production of household pesticides.

Boric acid, also known as boron or borax, is present in the living environment of people all over the world, including Canada and Iran, and people are naturally exposed to food, such as fruits and vegetables, and drinking water. Are placed with this substance. In addition, people may come into contact with boric acid through various other products, such as pesticides, detergents, raw materials for handicrafts and games, cosmetics, swimming pools, jacuzzi chemicals, a variety of Natural products and medicines, but is borax, which is so ingrained in our lives, a safe substance?

play dough for children


Dangers of play dough for children

Risks of play dough:

The negative effect of boric acid on fertility
A recent assessment by the Canadian Ministry of Health on the dangers of boric acid shows that excessive exposure to boric acid has the potential to negatively affect reproductive health and the structure of human development. Because Canadians and most people around the world are now naturally exposed to boric acid through food and drinking water, the Department of Health recommends that Canadians, especially children, and pregnant women, be exposed to at least Other sources of this substance should be avoided as much as possible.

The Department of Health Canada’s main concern is not with individual boric acid products, but with multiple contacts with the substance through multiple sources. The department warns that approval for some children’s play equipment, such as play doughs or pesticides and insecticides, which contain boric acid and are mainly for home use, will be revoked soon, and these products will be removed from the market in the future.

To be. These days, however, we are facing the arrival of this type of game paste containing borax, which is offered in very attractive forms in stores and toy stores. Canadian officials have also stressed that new and stricter protection guidelines will be in place for all pesticide products that intend to undergo certification and registration in the future.

what should we do?
Everyone can minimize contact with sources containing boric acid, regardless of food and drinking water. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Prepare raw materials for children’s play equipment (including play doughs) that do not contain boric acid. Also, stop using boric acid pesticides and insecticides. (When buying these products, pay attention to their labels.) Carefully check the labels of different products and do not buy the product if you come across the terms “borax” and “boron-containing”…

If the purchased product did not have a label, as we encounter in many packages of these pastes and we see that they are sold in sealed plastic cans without any label and approval of the Ministry of Health, you can contact the manufacturer to check for boric acid in the product.

This is especially important for products with which children have direct contact. Follow all instructions for using cleaning products and detergents. These products should be kept out of sight and reach of children. Follow the rules for the use of various chemicals according to the instructions of the manufacturers. Use products that have a drug identification number (DIN), a natural product number (NPN), or a homeopathic medicine number (DIN-HM).

play dough for children

Dangers of play dough for children

Discard past history
The Canadian Department of Health advises Canadians not to use any of the pesticides and insecticides containing boric acid if they expire, or if any of these products and pastes have expired. During the period of removing these unreliable products from the market, people can easily use alternative and available products. You can see how to prepare these pastes (without borax) on this page.

People should report any side effects from products on the market or pesticides to manufacturers. By law, producers are also required to provide all of these reports to the Ministry of Health.

In case of any negative reactions from over-the-counter or natural products, each person should provide all the information to the Ministry of Health and specify the exact place of purchase of the product. The Canadian Department of Health uses the Chemicals Management Program to identify all hazardous chemicals that could be hazardous to human health and the environment and to take action to prevent these hazards.

Further measures to protect people from excessive exposure to boric acid are being considered and will be communicated to all individuals and organizations after assessing the final risks in the chemical product management program.

Over the next 24 months, the Canadian Ministry of Health will completely remove boric acid pesticides and insecticides from the market, and all other manufacturers will need to update their product labels.

The risk is greater than the benefit!
Slime is a doughy substance that has a gelatinous state and comes in various forms. This dough is a toy for children and they can use it to make their favorite shapes and objects. If this dough is made of safe materials, it can be very effective in increasing children’s creativity and individual skills.

play dough for children

Dangers of play dough for children

Ingredients for making magic paste without borax

– a bowl
– a pack of cornflour or starch, corn
– a glass of water
– the amount of food coloring
How to prepare the dough:
Take a bowl, some cornflour or starch of corn into the fold, then began to add water and mix them up.
The degree of concentration of the dough should be such that it does not become too loose or too hard.
If the dough water is too much or thickens, adjust the concentration by adding water or cornflour.
Add some food coloring to color the dough.

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