What does the child learn from clutter?

Does your child handle everything? When eating, does he like to put his hand in his food and put it in his mouth with his hand? Do you know what are the signs of this mess?



What is the reason for the scattering of children?

For working parents, having a child full of clutter is a big problem in having a calm and hassle-free life, but both working parents and parents who have more free time should know that their child has a purpose with clutter and this clutter And the springs teach him something.

Child aptitude psychologists and specialists, after researching 72 children for 16 months, have achieved results that you will read about below.
Children experience life skills from the clutter they play and eat. In terms of speech and speaking power, children who squander and continue to work calmly and without disturbing the parents will have stronger speech and their brains are stronger to build speech structures, and these children They will have higher learning power.
Dr. Larissa Samuelson says that when your child throws something from the top of a chair, they have a purpose in throwing it away, and that is the reaction of the throwing accessories.


Signs of child molestation

Researchers have found that children who play games full of clutter, especially clutter that involves crushing with their hands or digging and crushing with their mouths, or even touching and crushing food with their fingers, are self-processing. They do things between hardness and softness and other properties.
Interestingly, children who play games without clutter miss the chance of this mental development.
Practicing to build something that is fragmented and disorganized develops the child’s knowledge and strengthens the organization in the child’s future.


Causes of child molestation

When a child eats in a state where he holds and looks at the components of the food and does something dirty, then the child is discovering something that shows him the difference in the food in his food and proves that such children in They are more forward-looking and conduct more detailed research.
Know that all the important scientists and famous people of the world were famous for their childhood.
Now, if you are ready to have elite children, join them and teach them discipline over time along with these abilities.

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