Ways to love a child

Hug your child, buy him a gift and play with him and love him. Here are some secrets on how to love your beloved child for you dear ones.



Loving the baby

By encouraging your child, you are teaching him to put himself at the highest level of happiness most of the time. Here are some tips for making love to children.

1. Love your child
Children who consider love as physical contact enjoy cuddling. Kiss your baby, tell him a story, read a poem together, watch a movie with him or play with him.


Fill your child with love


Boys who express interest in physical contact enjoy wrestling with you. When they get a little older, they may not feel comfortable with this type of physical contact, but an occasional hug, caressing the shoulder, arm or back can be a good alternative.

2. Give your child a gift
If your child equates receiving a gift with love, give him or her a gift card on different occasions, buy a balloon, or put a prize in his or her school bag. Be sure to express your interest in her or write a note on the gift you give her. You can give gifts to your child many times and be sure that this is never meaningless, but remembering the language of his love along with occasional gifts makes it a memorable and lovable experience.

3. No, I can not remove you from your conversation
When your child knows that you trust and believe in him, he feels that he can achieve everything. The child’s thoughts about himself are most important. Therefore, parents should convey positive thoughts to their child.

4. Have a positive view of issues
Learning to be optimistic is important, because an eager child will most likely be happy growing up. Dissatisfied people focus on negative life events, while happy people focus on events that give them a better perspective on the future.

5. Encourage the child to be active
Children today are heavier and this is detrimental to their health and well-being. Obese children have less self-confidence and are more depressed than other children. Children will be happier if they do more active activities.


Ways to make children happy

6. Store happiness in a souvenir box
Put your child’s favorite objects, photos, postcards, souvenirs, crafts that remind the child of happy memories in a box. Whenever your child is sick or sad and needs a simple smile, take them out of the box and show them.

Do not forget the following sentences
1. Say you like him.
2. Hug her. There is no barrier to hugging your baby.


3. Touch it. Gently pat her on the back, wrap your arms around her shoulders, and part her hair.
4. Participate in his game. Play ball, sow seeds for birds, fly kites and compete with them.
5. Talk to him without saying a word. Sit and watch him play at school or on the playground. Smile at him when he looks at you or when your eyes meet. It is not bad to use blinking to communicate with him. Define specific signs for your relationship that only two people know what they mean.

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