Warning: These behaviors are forbidden in front of your child!

Parents should be careful not to use vulgar words in any way, even if others use them because the child will quickly remember and use them.

Behaviors that should the child do it

Parents are the first and most important role model of a child. Infancy and childhood are the most important periods in the formation of human personality, and the basic structure of education will be formed in the first years of human life, the first base that every human being steps on is the family. Children learn a lot through parenting.

The first and most important role models for children are their parents. They are precise and sensitive, they learn quickly and record everything in their memory. Children from the age of two understand the meaning of anger, sadness, sadness, joy, happiness, laughter and crying. And react to it, so one of the concerns of parents is how to behave in front of their child at different times.

Children are very intelligent and at the same time influential, and they learn from every right or wrong behavior of their parents, and gradually habits are institutionalized in them. Parents should pay attention to the behaviors in front of their children’s eyes that they intend to establish these habits and behaviors in their children in the long run.

11 Behaviors Parents Should Not Do to Their Children

The Master of Counseling and the Family outlined 11 behaviors that parents should avoid in front of their children.

1. Using inappropriate words in the presence of the child
Sometimes parents while driving, at home or at work may lose control due to stress and use inappropriate words, but it should be noted that the use of these words in Working in front of children is very wrong.

behaviors are forbidden

Parents should refrain from disrespecting each other in front of the child

2. Disrespect for others
Parents of children should refrain from any behavior, verbal or non-verbal (behavior) that is considered a form of disrespect to others.

3. Avoiding tension and conflict with those around you
Parents should refrain from any actions that cause tension and unrest in front of their children and keep calm as much as possible.

4. Lack of flexibility in interpersonal relationships
Parents should pay attention to be flexible and adaptable in interpersonal relationships, especially in the presence of their children by dealing with others.

5. Using vulgar words
Parents should be careful not to use vulgar words in any way, even if others use them, because children will quickly remember and use them.

6. Not appreciating others
When parents do not appreciate the service that others do to them, children also learn from their behavior and always consider it their duty to do what others do for them.

7. Ignorance of spirituality and religious duties
Parents’ disregard for religious and religious matters such as prayer , etc. causes their children to ignore these matters and stay away from spirituality in them.

8. Lack of interest in learning and study
If parents do not show interest and importance in studying and continuing their education, their children will not value learning and acquiring knowledge, and as a result, their children will be unmotivated to continue their education, so Parents should arouse this interest in their children by studying daily and encouraging them to continue their education.

behaviors are forbidden

Parents’ behavior together has the greatest impact on children

9. Not participating in voluntary and humanitarian
activities Non-participation of parents in social affairs and charitable activities (tree planting, helping the elderly, helping the needy, etc.) causes isolation and social exclusion of their children and causes lack of social growth and maturity. They will and in their social future will cause many problems.

10. Lack of management and planning in daily affairs
Disorder and lack of management of parents in daily affairs, institutionalizes a kind of disorder and lack of planning in the personality of their children, so parents should have proper management and planning in their daily affairs so that children Imitate their correct habits.

11. Demonstrating weakness in relationships with the child
When dealing with their children, parents should strictly refrain from actions that show their weakness and inability, such as crying, expressing helplessness, etc., because these behaviors cause They lose the confidence in their children so that their children will lose the power to deal with problems in the future.

What is important is that parents should know that children are very smart and effective, and by performing each of the 11 behaviors mentioned, they form their children’s behavioral patterns, so parents should be very careful in their behaviors and attitudes towards their children. Give.

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