Useful games for children

Playing with children should be in a way that stimulates the children’s sense of creativity and is used to develop the child’s intelligence and movement.



Ways to play with children

Playing with your child is not just a time to play and have fun, but also a time to teach your child life lessons.

The latest research shows that human temperament and habits originate from the embryonic period and the first 2 years of his life, and this point shows the importance of education and the correct method of upbringing in the early ages of childbirth. In this article, we offer you games that, in addition to entertaining your child, provide training to create creativity and strengthen intelligence and increase the level of awareness of your beloved child.


Play is a purposeful physical or mental activity individually or in groups and causes the child’s needs. Play is the child’s natural means of expressing “self”. “Playing should not be considered a way of wasting time,” says Alfred Adler, adding that “a child’s play equals an adult talking, play and toys are children’s words.”

The game has 5 characteristics:
it is aroused from within, it is freely chosen, it is enjoyable, it is a real escape and the players actively participate in it.
To better understand the world of children, they should be seen while playing. Here we introduce games that can be used by parents or educators in kindergarten to developing the child’s intelligence and movement:



Useful games for children

Useful game with children


Left and right recognition game (Objective: orientation, body image) The
game is played individually and in groups.
Game Instructions:
Top Right
Hand Left Hand Up
Right Hand and Left Foot Up
Right Hand and Right Foot Up
Left Hand and Right Foot Up

Left Hand and Upper Left Foot Hold the
right ear with the right hand Hold the right ear
with the left hand.
Put your right hand on your left foot.
Put your left hand on your right foot.
In solo play, we ask the child, in addition to recognizing his left and right, to recognize the left and right of the other person who can be a guide.


The instructions for playing with the child can be as follows:

Put your right hand on my left foot.
Hold my right hand with my left hand.
Put your left foot in front of my right foot.

Hold my right ear with my left hand.
Put your right hand on my left foot.
The child should repeat aloud what he or she is doing, such as “I grabbed your left ear with my right hand.”
Reverse role play (Objective: Understanding the feelings of others, teaching social and emotional issues)



Useful games for children

Useful game with children

We place two chairs in front of each other and ask the child to play a role in relation to the teacher or his / her parents in a dramatic way.

The child should play his role in one seat and the other person in the other seat, who can be a teacher, sister, parent.
You can choose the theme. By telling the child to play the role of a teacher in one chair and a student in another chair who has not written his / her homework.

Roleplay (goal: teaching social issues, dealing with different situations, relieving embarrassment)
We ask children to play different roles individually or in groups and in the theater. Children can coordinate with each other in advance and perform the play by competing in two groups.

Roles and topics can be about family issues: father, mother, sister, brother, etc., school issues: teacher, principal, moderator, students, caretaker, etc. Social issues: greetings, farewell, respect for others Avoid violence by showing fake fights, etc.

Role-playing game (Objective: how to deal with different situations, increase verbal ability, memory)
Theatrical is selected based on a subject, such as a child who takes his grades from school and shows it to his father. Teach the child.

Children have to play the same thing because the role is repeated many times. Children also memorize problems, learn movements, perform, and know-how to react verbally or gently in the face of different situations. In this game, the guide has an important role as a director and must take the lead in the roles.

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