Tricks to discover children’s talents


The talents of some children are perfectly visible to those around them, but others may have hidden talents that manifest themselves in the form of talkativeness, daydreaming, high energy, or even surfing. Man is born with potential innate talents, to which a percentage of these actual talents and acquired abilities are added during life. When a child is born, he is completely incapacitated, but gradually each child expresses his interests in his behavior.


Your child may love to play sports, or they may love repairing the furniture, or they may have a great art of memorizing advertising poems. All of these and other behaviors that we will talk about later are signs and symptoms based on which parents can discover the talents and interests of their children, and this talent discovery can be important in the child’s life, including filling his leisure time. , Help him and his parents choose the right field of study and choose a job and profession.


The roots of children’s hidden talents are always hidden in some of their ordinary activities. If you go back, you will see that your child had a deeper interest in some activities and activities before childhood and childhood.


Identifying and discovering children’s hidden talents The younger they are, the better and more rewarding they will be. This will help them to develop and develop their own vision for the future of their job, as well as for their psychological well-being. All human beings on this planet are born with their own talents and abilities. Some of these talents are never recognized and are buried with death.

children's talents

let’s see Tricks to discover children’s talents:

The root of children’s talents is in their activities

Lack of recognition of individual talents causes them to remain useless and, conversely, their recognition causes them to flourish and grow more. The main problem arises when the child is going to be on a path and choose and has a path ahead that those around him have not gone before and it is new. In such a situation, recognizing the special talents and abilities of the child, which has already happened with the help of his / her adults, helps him/her to see his / her path more clearly and to choose more easily and decisively.

Examine your child’s activities closely

The roots of children’s hidden abilities and talents are always hidden in some of their ordinary and childish activities. If you go back and look at the previous days, you will see that your child was more deeply interested in some activities and activities before childhood and adolescence. Go back and forth through all those activities until you finally reach a point where it becomes clear what your child is most interested in.

Most interests that are rooted in heredity and genetics are either easily forgotten or overpaid, so other talents may not be seen in the meantime, so you should look for those talents that the child They get excited and he gets excited by doing them.

Look for questions and workbook projects in this area

Usually, some questionnaires, which are used in most researches, can help a lot and reveal the hidden talents of children.

If you consider one of these questions and start answering their questions, you will find that it helps to open your mind and think of things you did not think of before. In this process, the hidden part of the child’s interests awakens, and the opportunity to be known Gains.

Talking to the child himself

Talent is different from intelligence, social skills, and creativity. We all have talents we may never have known. Sometimes these talents are very obvious, but we still do not see them. Talking to children is one of the best ways to identify their talents. Because parents have life experience, they can have great tips for their children. Parents can help their children understand and learn how to shape their future lives with their present behaviors.

Can you ask them how they felt while doing the job or activity they wanted to do? Why did they feel this way? Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. What do you like most? What do you dislike? Of course, the child should not be bombarded with this kind of question every day but should be placed in a suitable space. Children reflect on their experiences well and gradually become more successful and can soon better describe their abilities to you. The more you know about their performance in environments such as schools, gyms, and art classes, the easier it is to discover their abilities.

This information will give you more insight to help nurture your child’s talents.

children's talents

The first way to discover a child’s talents is to observe his behavior

Give your child a choice

Remember that at the end of the day your child has to find his own way and it is very important that he experiences it so you have to let him decide and do what he wants. Your support and encouragement is essential, but your child needs to have enough space to make decisions.


You can offer it to him, but there is no compulsion, for example, take him to a music class and introduce him to music, or you can take him to art and sports classes so that your child’s interests can be identified and he himself will tell you to Which is easier and he likes to continue it.


Pay attention to your child’s behaviors and moods while playing

Instead of planning for your child’s activities, let him or her decide for himself or herself what he or she wants to do. Look at him in silence, what he does, how he sings, and … Does your child have a sports personality? Or does he enjoy school activities? Children show their talents and abilities with their games. Does your child prefer to play alone or does he like playing with others? These observations will help you a lot and lead you to your goal.


Respect your child’s interests and support his or her choices

Sometimes we think wrong because they are young, so they are stupid and do not understand many things. It is better to forget unnecessary interventions. Children do not always know what their talents are, but they learn soon. They need you to give them enough time to identify themselves. Never punch your child, he or she may not enjoy what you want. Do not force him into a path he does not want, and when he chooses a path, support him unless you feel he may be in danger.

Never ignore their talents and abilities

It is very important to remember that your child easily forgets what he is very talented in and puts it aside if he only feels that you do not care for him.

For example, when he is doing his favorite job, tell him: “It is not better to collect these and get to homework.” Try to change your perspective and understand him better.

As parents of children, we have a duty to raise our children properly and help them to be better human beings in the future.

We must be a safe haven for them and provide a loving environment for these flowers to bloom and bear fruit.

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