6 Tips for your child’s success in school

Starting school is a very important stage for children. The child will start education seriously with school and will also experience a new lifestyle.



Ways to increase your child’s success in school

Every year, when schools open, it is as if a wave of unanswered problems and questions is rushing to parents, especially those whose children are in the first grade, as school begins. Interestingly, sometimes even other areas of a child’s life go out of the ordinary when he or she goes to school. There are many parents who come for counseling and do not know what to do with a child who has never been stubborn and malnourished or has not had such problems.

Before examining any problem, we must accept that a child who goes home from school and will have several problems at the same time, and until he can adapt to these problems, may develop inappropriate emotional states. The child can certainly gradually solve these relatively large problems, but we need to understand him.

Separating from the safe family environment, facing the rules of the school environment, facing the discipline that is required for education, and voluntary mental effort to understand and comprehend the things to succeed in education are among the problems of children at the beginning of the school…

Parents who have first grade at home this October have been different for them every year. They tried to get their child ready for school, and from buying things to talking about school, they did things that made their child go to school with more pills. A clinical psychologist also looked at a few things that Following them, your child can start and end a good school year. By observing these things, your child will be more successful in school and in connection with its space;

success in school

Starting school is a very important stage for a child

Tips for increasing your child’s success in school:


1. Adjusting bedtime
If your child is one of the children who has had regular bedtime before, you will not have a problem with this, but otherwise, it is better to get him used to new sleeping and waking hours. In this way, make him go to bed half an hour to three quarters earlier every night, and on the other hand, get up in the morning a quarter to half an hour earlier than the day before bed. In this way he gradually and with the least resistance gets used to the new hours. The best sleeping hours for school children are between 9 pm and 6 am.


2. Mass communication skills
In order for your child to adapt to school comfortably and have a good school year, you need to familiarize him or her with communication skills, especially mass communication. But if you have not paid enough attention to this issue before, it is better to start working today and guide him in a positive relationship with his peers and classmates. You can also get help from teachers and school parents. This connection is more difficult for children with low self-esteem.


3. Distance from parents
One of the problems that a child faces when starting school is the long distance from parents. He, who had always been with his parents before, now has to spend long hours in a strange environment with a number of students in an environment called the classroom. This distance is a little hard and stressful for the child It is beneficial unless the child has already experienced distance from their parents in kindergarten and preschool so that they can cope more easily with it at school.

success in school

One of the problems that a child faces when going to school is being away from his parents

4. Teaching
school start planning is a very important step for children. The child will start education seriously with school and will also experience a new lifestyle. He now needs to learn concepts such as the etiquette of sitting in a classroom, listening to a lesson, getting permission from a teacher to leave the classroom, respect for rules and community life, and familiarize himself with his new life plan, which includes waking up at a certain time. -Plan to take lessons, rest and play, adapt. Parents can be a good guide for their children in these matters and teach them these concepts.


5. Books that help you
There are books on the subject that parents can read if they are interested. In these books, various issues related to the child’s school attendance are discussed in detail. What parents should do and say in different cases and what topics need to be taught is provided with appropriate questions and practical solutions. One of these useful books is “How to prepare your child for the first year of primary school?” Is called; Written by “Maryam Ahmadi Shirazi” published by “Today’s Mothers Institute”.


6. Know the changes
Parents need to have enough information about the school environment, rules, changes in teaching methods, and textbooks in order to help their child start and finish a good school year. You can not be a good guide for your child if you do not have enough mastery of these topics. It is best to do with communicating effectively with his teacher to find out.

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