Tips for the health of your beloved child’s feet

Parents of children are always concerned about the cleanliness and health of their teeth, ears, skin, and other organs and take special care, but do they care about the health of their child’s feet?



Tips for baby foot health

Usually, nutrition and general health of children are a high priority for mothers, but you should not neglect or pay less attention to the individual organs of your beloved child. You make sure that the teeth, ears, skin, and other organs of children are healthy and clean. But do you also care about children’s feet?

Children’s feet, like other parts of their body, have delicate and sensitive skin that needs care and their health is very important.

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Child foot care methods

Here are some tips for caring for and growing your baby’s feet:

1. Walking barefoot outside the house and on dirty surfaces exposes the child’s foot to serious cuts and injuries. “The main reason children come to me in the summer is cuts and the presence of “Foreign objects are at their feet.” Another potential problem is warts , which are spread by viruses through cuts or cracks in the skin. Wearing shoes while playing on the road or in high-risk environments can prevent this problem.

2. Tighten the baby’s legs slightly. Tightening can prevent the baby’s foot from moving freely and even lagging behind its normal growth.

3. Let the toddler walk barefoot. When the toddler walks, moving barefoot indoors is beneficial for normal growth.

4. Children learn by imitation. Clean and dry your feet and make them repeat your work. Also show them how to trim your toenails to prevent painful problems. Shorten.

5. Cut toenails straight and in a straight line. This helps prevent painful subcutaneous nails from growing. Subcutaneous nail symptoms include pain, redness and swelling.

6. Keep your feet clean and dry. Hygiene begins by preventing bacterial and fungal infections. Wash children’s feet thoroughly while bathing. Then dry them well between the toes to prevent fungal growth. Prevent between toes. Fungal infections usually grow in moisture.

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Choose the right shoes for children’s feet

7. Buy the right shoes. Always take your baby with you when you buy shoes. Your baby’s feet should be measured every time, without exception. Because they grow so fast. Too tight shoes can cause blisters, corns , calluses or subcutaneous nails with infection.

8. Look carefully at your baby’s feet. Beware of any unusual items. The problems you notice when a baby is born may not go away on their own. Early treatment can correct abnormalities such as clubfoot and congenital conditions that occur almost once in every 1,000 babies.

9. Wash small cuts and scratches on the feet with soap and water and cover with a bandage until they heal. It is a mistake to say that exposing wounds to fresh air helps them heal faster. .

10. Be careful of long walks on your toes. Walking on your toes is good at the beginning of walking, but if your child walks exclusively on their toes after the age of two, see a pediatrician.

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