Tips for the first trip with the baby


Prepare to go sightseeing with the baby

Surfing with baby and toddler has its own pleasures and they are also a lot of fun while traveling with babies. But in order to travel with the baby, it is necessary to observe important points that also provide suitable conditions for him. Travel safety tips as well as nutrition tips during the trip.

One of the problems for parents during the trip is how to take care of the baby on various trips, whether traveling by plane or car and other vehicles. Traveling with a baby, whether in the short or long term, requires special arrangements. Getting ready for everything, including travel arrangements, even on a holiday afternoon. You may want to stay home longer during the first few months of your baby’s life.

Babies are ready for all kinds of infections and infectious diseases, but that does not mean they should be quarantined. Just look at the places you travel to or the people you meet. If you are planning to travel and have a long vacation, adjust it with your baby’s plans.

If the destination is hot and sunny, do not expose your child to sunlight for more than an hour. Children’s skin does not tolerate heat and intense sun and burns very quickly.

Travel with baby

Usually, the first trip with the little ones is interesting and at the same time worrying. Young parents usually have no travel experience with a baby, infant, or child, and have questions about how to begin the journey, where to travel, and how to care for their child. If this is the first year that three of you want to travel, read this article.

Tips for the first trip with the baby

The first trip with the baby is interesting and at the same time worrying

Wear appropriate clothing

Get enough clothes for your child, because the little ones get a lot of dirty clothes and if you do not have enough clothes, you have to wash and dry his clothes regularly during the trip. Preferably, the clothes you take off should be cotton that is easy to wash does not stain, and does not need ironing.

Do not forget warm clothes, as it may be cold at night.

If the weather is hot, do not look for short-sleeved T-shirts or straps, because the sun can burn a child’s hands and shoulders. Take cool clothes with sleeves and to have beautiful photos, choose clothes that come with any other clothes.

Put a small blanket and pillow in your child’s luggage and all the medicines he needs. Do not miss the fringed hat if it is summer and the wool hat if it is still cool, sunglasses, sunscreen, diapers, sunscreen, moisturizer, and shoes.

Make her comfortable

If you travel for a few weeks and your child is still sleeping a lot, be sure to take his or her cuddle or stroller. Babies are more comfortable lying down while being in a stroller protects them from the sun, wind, and rain. You can even use a stroller instead of her bed at night, as long as her stroller is able to lie down.

In your baby’s handbag, be sure to bring a diaper, bottle, milk powder, wipes (for baby cleaning), boiled or mineral water, a handful of clean clothes, a handful of comfortable clothes, and a nylon bag for dirty diapers.

If you travel by plane

From one month of age, your child can board a plane unless the doctor deems it appropriate.

Give your child milk or water from time to time so that he or she does not become dehydrated due to the dry air inside the plane.

Do not forget that at high altitudes, your child will have a sore ear that is painful. Give her some milk or water to relieve this condition.

If your child is less than two years old, hold him/her in his / her arms and fasten a special seat belt.

If you travel by train ‍

The train is a more convenient means of transportation than the car. If your baby is less than three months old, be sure to travel during the day, but if he is older, choose to travel at night.

Sit your child in a chair on the aisle and avoid sitting by the window. If the weather is cold, cover her well and use clothes that have zippers or buttons that can be easily opened and closed. Be sure to put socks and shoes on her feet, but if the weather is hot, you can use comfortable clothes for her.

If you travel by car

Preferably choose a day and time to travel when the streets are not busy. If you want to travel in the summer, 4 am is the best time to leave. If you move at noon, the heat becomes uncomfortable.

Always set the air conditioning to a low temperature so that the air inside the room does not dry out. Because babies’ bodies cannot regulate temperature, they become dehydrated at very high temperatures, especially in summer. Feed them every half hour and give them light and dry clothes.

If the weather was very hot, you can adjust the temperature of the car air conditioner, but if you do not have an air conditioner, you can moisten a handkerchief and rub it on his face, hands, and feet.

But if the weather is cool, wear enough clothes and do not forget the blanket, especially at night, do not take off the socks from your child’s feet, because the feet get cold very quickly and cause your child to catch a cold.

It is very important that if the weather is sunny and warm, never leave your child alone in the car with the windows closed.

If you are traveling abroad!

If you are planning to travel abroad, do not forget to add your child’s name in your passport. Book a hotel before you leave so you don’t have to look for a place to stay.

Be sure to announce that a child is with you so that everything you need, such as an extra bed, high chair, etc., is ready. Before going to the doctor, pediatrician, refer to if necessary, be given the vaccine, and be sure to tell your doctor what medications with you.

If you are traveling abroad, changing the hours can be frustrating. Expose your child to natural light as much as possible to adjust his or her internal clock faster. After a few days, your child will get used to the whole new situation.

When you get there

You can enjoy your stay when you arrive, but pay attention to the following points:

If the destination weather is cold, be careful that your child does not catch a cold. Do not forget warm clothes, hats, and scarves when taking him out.

 If the destination air is warm and sunny, do not expose your child to sunlight for more than an hour. Children’s skin does not tolerate heat and intense sun and burns very quickly. Be sure to put a brimmed hat or umbrella on his head. Choose hours for walking that the weather is not too hot, for example, go for a walk before 11 am and after 5 pm. Do not forget the sunscreen.

Swimming or swimming in seawater is prohibited for children under one year. Wind, heat, noise, etc. can cause them to be afraid.

 If you go to the village or forest, watch out for biting animals that are in the grass. Wear appropriate footwear and go to the emergency room if you feel a bite and itching all the time.

 – If you go to the mountains, you should know that the higher you go, the thinner the air and the faster you breathe and your heart beats faster. As a result, you may experience headachesnausea, and trouble sleeping. If a child is with you, do not climb higher than 1500 meters.

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