This meat is forbidden for children

Meat is one of the most important foods for a child, but what kind of meat! Due to the condition of some children, the consumption of some kind of meat is not recommended and is included in the nutrition ban.



Which meat is forbidden for a child ?

Meat is necessary for the child and for his growth, but as mentioned, just like choosing any other food for the child, we must be careful in choosing meat. In this section, we are going to talk about claws and children who should not eat claws.

” Anorexia or anorexia in children can have many causes, one of which can be the wrong choice of food by parents,” said  a nutritionist and dietitian .
Although there are several causes for anorexia in children, sometimes the inclusion of stale foods such as stale bread in breakfast or chives in the child’s diet causes the child to have anorexia and reluctance to eat.
Because it is usually difficult for children to chew food for a long time at a young age and because it is difficult for them to strengthen their teeth, they may refuse to eat if they feel the food needs to be chewed more and they cannot swallow it easily. While for better nutrition of low weight and low appetite children, it is recommended to include fresh and soft foods in their diet that do not need more chewing.
meat is forbidden

Avoid giving hard meat to children

Doctors believe that it is normal for a child to feel full faster when he or she needs to chew more to swallow stale bread or meat (because chewing helps to create an early feeling of satiety). For example , apple juice, because it does not need to be chewed, makes you feel less full than the apple itself, which needs to be chewed. Therefore, if you give the child fruits with firm texture that need more chewing, he may refuse to eat it, so sometimes it is better to include fresh juice in his diet.
In addition, if you sometimes feel that the child has lost his appetite, in such cases, it is better to check his weekly food plan and create variety in the child’s food.

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