Things to do to raise confident girls

If you want to raise a girl with confidence, you have to do things that are effective in raising girls.


Raise a girl with confidence

Girls usually start life with a lot of energy, talk quickly, are social, and are the first student.

But a time between preschool and high school, a confusing combination of new social pressures, more classroom expectations, and a combination of community signs (do your best, do not get everyone’s attention, whatever you want, being beautiful is your first priority and Like these) can cause girls to fall behind academically or lose interest.

Here are some things you can do to build your daughter’s confidence and resilience for the difficult years ahead.


Things to do to raise confident girls:

1. Encourage her to express herself

. Teach your daughter to express her needs to adults and to have a personal space with her peers. If another child speaks badly to him, encourage him to say: I do not like the way you speak.


confident girls

Train girls with confidence

2- To praise your daughter, be special

when you tell your daughter how smart she is, that is, much more than the discrete examples you use, and that is not enough. To talk, for example, to tell him: you have a very good memory, or: Hey girl, you never like you do …

3. admiration you have to be consistent with the reality of

a child’s third grade knows that musical genius or not the best artist, But if she admires her progress from month to month, she is very respectful.

4- Do something to know why she is sometimes left alone.

Explain to your daughter that if she is not invited to any birthday party or should not enter for every game, it means this It is not that he has been insulted. Explain that when another child says: You can not be my friend, it is more about the morals of that child than about your daughter


confident girls

Train girls with confidence

5 – Encourage him to compete

for homework and do not help him quickly, if he asks for help, ask him a few times, try the first few minutes himself.

6- Encourage her that if she wants to exercise,

girls have more sports options than before. If she likes to play gymnastics or football, give her a chance to enter the game and know what game she can play. Do not decide which sport is right for her – this understands

7. do not hypotheses about the strengths and weakness

because your child is a girl does not mean you have to shortcomings and defects buckle – or have difficulty reading tests during the addition does not mean that will not go fishing Or do not try for the children’s league. Follow his wishes to strengthen his strengths and work on his weaknesses to improve


confident girls

Train girls with confidence

8- Imitate the image of a healthy body

when he asks: Am I beautiful? Energetically say yes! When you admire his appearance, highlight his activities as well: You were great at gymnastics today or: Your eyes sparkle on stage.

It is also good for older girls to hear that women and girls’ magazine models are not real and that their photos have been manipulated with Photoshop to look slimmer and more perfect than reality.

9- Prepare her for sexism.

Even today, some people think that girls can do the same things as boys. If you see girls watching movies and TV shows where the girl is in the background but the boy keeps his life, remember and Talk to her about different things in real life.

10. Mention the positive roles of women

When watching the news or reading the newspaper, use every opportunity to show girls that women – senators and sports coaches and doctors and athletes – can do anything.

Read books with strong female characters, this is a way to get the idea across without lecturing, if you can’t find so many such books, ask the librarian – they usually have a list of books to choose from and suggest.

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