The troubles of married people in raising children

Married people who are employed can spend less time with their children than others. Children of such people turn to games that have an effect such as isolating them and endangering their mental health.



The troubles of married people in raising children

The sound of children’s hustle and bustle filled the houses and corners of the city. The children played games that had the color and smell of simplicity and intimacy! We have not been a century away from that time, but today the clean and unpolluted world of children has undergone many changes, and the infants of the present age are engaged in games that may not have anything to do with their world …

troubles of married
 * Games that disturb children’s thoughts 
A quiet life full of sweet dreams is the right of every child, but today, colorful and glazed computer games are dragging more and more the pristine and unpolluted world of children into the abyss of destruction! For example, a child who is not more than 5 or 6 years old learns how to properly target the human heart or engage in immoral games that will only lead to the contamination of his delicate soul. And daily jobs have not paid much attention to this issue, but with a little reflection, we will find out what hidden oppression is offered to some children of this generation in beautiful and seemingly fun clothes.
Sarah, 28, who is employed and married, considers the use of some virtual entertainment for children as poisonous, which will poison their innocent souls and minds more and more every moment. He says that if one day I have a child, I will try to keep his world away from these seemingly entertaining games. These games often have a state of war and escape, which certainly cannot be suitable for a child’s moods and spirits.
 Dr. Hossein Ebrahimi Moghaddam, a psychologist, considers such games as a cause of violence and aggression in children and says: the style of most computer games is not compatible with children’s thoughts. In this type of game, the child considers himself in the role of the protagonist and natural. Is that the violent and sometimes immoral behavior of the main character of the game is transferred to him and this in itself can cause him to become a violent and uncontrollable person in adulthood.
* Do not neglect the positive effects 
War and immoral games, although they can cause premature puberty or increase stress in children, however, if they play a style of these games that do not have a negative psychological burden and is compatible with their age group, it can have beneficial effects on the child. To bring.
Homa, a 34-year-old married man, and housewife say about the type of games that children play: “I am particularly sensitive to the entertainment that my child plays, and I have consulted a psychologist about this, and he has only allowed my child to play games.
” They seek the mental aspect and increase intelligence. Definitely playing such games if not with proper parental supervision and age-based selection is not only not harmful but also beneficial.
Ebrahimi Moghaddam believes in playing computer games for children and the positive effects that can follow: Using these games, if done properly, can increase social relationships and improve the quality of behavior in the child, provided that it has The framework is strong and appropriate to the cultural values ​​of our society.
* Do computer games make a child a child of isolation? 
Playing such games for children can have many positive and negative aspects. This talk is an example of maintaining balance in life, even if the child plays games that are suitable for his soul and mind but devote all hours of his day to it. A phenomenon called isolationism will arise in him. A child who devotes many hours to this type of entertainment will inevitably distance himself from the real world and create a virtual world for himself, far from the purity and intimacy that is unique to him and The characters of his game and as a result, he will become a recluse and isolated person.
Ebrahimi Moghaddam says in this regard: A child who is full of virtual games all the time certainly can not be a successful and social person in adulthood, and it is better for parents to control and manage their child to prevent these possible unpleasant events in his future…
* Children are the assets of tomorrow’s society 
Parents should sometimes play the role of their children when they are playing such games; In this way, they can be informed about the possible disadvantages and advantages of these games and while consulting with psychologists about the appropriate type of these games and specifying specific hours to do it by cultivating their spirit and thoughts of irreparable damage that may be done to the soul. And prevent the psyche of these infants from entering. Children are the future of our society. Paying attention to maintaining their mental and intellectual health will create a bright tomorrow for society.

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