The story of the horned lie

The story of the horned lie


It was one, it was not one. There was no one but God. It was a kingdom that had a very beautiful daughter. Many suitors came to this girl from all over the world, but she refused all of them. Whatever the king insisted on his daughter choosing a husband for herself did not go to the princess.

Until one day the king’s daughter announced: ‘Whoever tells a horned lie, so that it surprises me, I will be his wife! But if I do not like that lie, I will order the liar to be beheaded! ‘ The heralds spread the news to everyone in the four corners of the country. Many people went to the king’s palace out of greed for the princess, but their lie was not liked and they lost their heads.

One bald day, in a ragged dress and with a disheveled head, he wanted to enter the king’s palace. The gatekeepers looked at his height and prevented him from entering. Kachel started shouting. The king’s daughter noticed the noise and asked: – What is going on there?

They said: – A bald man wants to enter the palace by force. The king’s daughter ordered him to be allowed inside. He asked Kachel: – Why did you come here? Kachel said: – I have come to tell you a horny lie! The king’s daughter said: – Do you know that if I do not like your lie, I will order you to be beheaded? Kachel said: – Yes, I accept and began to define.

He said: – There were three of us and we had three rifles, the first rifle did not have a butt, the second rifle did not have a trigger, the third rifle did not have a bullet.

We pressed the butt of the gun that did not have the butt to the chest, we pulled the trigger of the gun that did not have the trigger and we shot with the gun that did not have a bullet, we hunted three ducks, one was dead, two were half-dead. We had three daisies, two of which were broken, one of which had no bottom.

We put the dead duck in a dish that had no bottom and made broth, we had three bowls, two stones were cracked, one of them had no bottom. We poured the broth into bottomless bowls and began to eat. At the same time, we found a seed of watermelon seed in the bowl.

horned lie

The watermelon seed grew green and grew so large that a garden was formed. In this garden, I saw a very large watermelon. We wanted to take the watermelon, we could not bring a knife, we could not bring a knife, we could not bring a dagger, we could not bring a sword, I had a broken blade, I sliced ​​the watermelon with it, and suddenly my hand went in, following my hand, arm, then my head, then my body It became watermelon, and I was wandering around in confusion when I looked at a man.


When the man saw me, he asked: – What are you doing, bald people? I said: – I am looking for a broken blade. The man got angry and slapped me hard on the ear and said: – I am seven trains of camels, I can not find you lost. Do you want to find a broken blade?

The king’s daughter said with great surprise: – Bald is enough, the end of a lie of this magnitude ?! Kachel said: – Yes, wasn’t that your condition? The king’s daughter said: – You are right. Thus Kachel married the king’s daughter and they lived happily together for many years.


Horned lie

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