The story of the black and rainbow pencil

the black and rainbow pencil

The little boy wanted a box of crayons. Green, blue, purple, orange pencil …  but he only had one pencil. It was black too.

The little boy was drawing with his black pencil. Black Sea, Black Mountain, Black Forest and Black Plain.

Black Pencil loved the little boy. He said in his heart: I wish I could make the sky of his painting blue. He made the forest green and the plain golden …

but he could not. He was just a black pencil.

The little boy was painting from morning till night. The black pencil got smaller and smaller. Eventually, it got too small; So much so that the little boy could not hold it between his fingers.

The little boy hated. He took the pencil and put it in the garden.
The pencil said in his heart: How kind he is! He did not even want to throw me away. And she cried.
It rained immediately. Next, it became a rainbow.

A rainbow bowed over the yard. In the garden he saw a small black pencil crying.
The rainbow asked: Why are you crying?
“A little boy lives in this house,” said the black pencil. A little boy who loves painting very much. I wanted to give the best colors to his paintings. But I could not. I always painted everything black.

“Don’t worry … you are a lovely black pencil,” said the rainbow. And smiled.

The air was full of color. A rainbow of any color added a bit to the pencil. Then he left slowly.
The pencil grew like a tree in the garden. He got tall. Branch gave. Each branch was a small pencil. Green, red, purple, blue pencil …

When the little boy came into the yard, his little black pencil was green. It also had seven colored branches. Seven beautiful crayons.

The little boy sat by the garden. He looked at the pencil tree in amazement. The pencil tree leaned toward him. He shook himself. Colored pencils fell like fruit.

The little boy happily picked up crayons from the garden.

Mada Siah said: Now you can make the sky blue … the forest green and the plain golden!

Then the little boy drew his first color painting. A black tree with seven colored branches.

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