The story of delicious beetroot soup

The story of Delicious Buzzard is a short and beautiful story for children.

The story of delicious beetroot soup

Delicious beetle soup is an audible and short story for children.

The story of delicious beetroot soup:

beetroot soup

Buzzard is a woven basket. He hung it from the roof of the house and said to his kids, “If one day I was not at home and a wolf came, go and pull the basket and the rope.”

That day came very early. “Take care of yourself,” Bezbzak called his children. Clean the house, wash the dishes as well. “I will be back soon and cook you a delicious soup.” And went.

The door was left open. The wolf entered the house and said, “Children, hello! “I am your aunt.”

The kids jumped into the basket, pulled the rope, and said, “Hello, Aunt John.” Our mother had said that you would come to clean the house and cook us delicious soup. We were also told to stay on top so as not to disturb you. The

wolf had to sweep and dust the house, wash the dishes, and cook the soup. Then he fell on the bed tired and waited for the kids to come down, but he fell asleep very soon.

The little bell rang. He saw the wolf. He picked up the broom. With that, he hit the wolf and kicked him out of the house. The kids came down from the basket.

Then they sat together, ate the wolf-cooked food, and laughed. But the beetle’s heart burned for the wolf. He pulled out a bowl of soup for him and left it behind.

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