The story of a teenager, a shepherd and an angel

The story of a teenager, a shepherd and an angel


He was an old man who had a sick and weak son. Everyone who came to him was harassing and harassing him. Because he was powerless, his strength did not reach anyone. After a while, the father died and because they had nothing, his own son took the flock of sheep to the desert. It was not long before other shepherds drove him out of the grassy fields, and he was forced to graze his small herd far away, in the mountains, or in the woods. One day he was grazing sheep in the forest. Suddenly his eyes fell on a beautiful woman lying under a large tree.

She was a woman he had never seen among women. He wore high-quality clothes, expensive shoes, and his long black hair was streaked, and as the shade of the tree returned, the midday sun mercilessly burned his beautiful cheek.

The boy said: When I saw that you are not from here, I realized that you have lost your way and you are tired, my heart burned and I was sorry to burn your beautiful face in the sun. The woman, who was an angel, liked this young man and his kindness, and said: It turns out that you are a good person, but instead of the good you did to me, ask me whatever you want!

The young man said: I do not need anything, but if you want to help me, make me strong so that I can graze my sheep wherever I want and no one can bother me.

The angel said: Well, whatever you wanted was done.

shepherd and an angel

Now test your strength.

The young man went to a tree that was very heavy and grabbed it and uprooted it with a force.

Then the angel said: Now go and shake the stone that is on the hill above ten. The young man went and pressed the stone that the angel had shown, and the stone shook.

The angel shouted: What are you doing? Be careful, if you put more pressure and the stone is removed, it will be ruined and people will be harmed. They are fighting.

The angel said this and disappeared. From that day on, the young man became a hero and never forgot the angel’s advice, and as long as he was alive, he used his force in the affairs of the people and the comfort of the people of Deh and did not allow anyone to harass the weak.

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