The story of a lion and a man

lion and a man

There was one, there was no one, there was no one but God.
One day a lion was sitting in a forest square watching his children play when suddenly a group of fleeing monkeys and jackals arrived. “What’s up?” Asked the lion. They said, “Nothing, a human being was coming towards the forest and we were scared.”

The lion thought to himself that the human being must be a very large animal, and he knew that he would reach anyone by force. To comfort the animals, he replied,

“Man is not afraid.”

They said, “Yes, it is true, there is no fear, that is, fear is a bad thing, but in the end you have not sided with the people of the congregation yet.

The lion laughed and said, “Rest assured, man that nothing, if he is a giant, I am not afraid of anything while I am here.”

But the lion had never come out of the forest and had never seen a man in his life. He thought that if he got rid of monkeys and jackals, what would a person laugh at him and his reputation would be ruined. He said nothing and said to himself, “I am leaving tomorrow. I will go around until I find this human being and bring his body and throw it here so that the fear of animals will disappear.”

The next morning, the lion walked alone through the desert and came and went to see an elephant in the distance. He said to himself that to say that man is terrible must be such a thing. This is definitely a large human body.

He went forward and said to the elephant, “Let me see, are you human?” ”

Phil said,” Dad, I film, I’m fed up of human hands. A human being comes, takes us elephants, puts a bed on our backs and rides on it, and strikes the cold with a hammer. Then he ties chains on our feet or breaks our teeth and brings a thousand kinds of disasters to the cold. “Where am I?”

“Very well,” I said, “I knew it myself, but I wanted to see if you ever thought of naming yourself after yourself.”

“You have the right, Mr. Lion, we are wrong to name ourselves,” Phil said.

“Very well, don’t talk too much,” said the lion. And he went on to reach a strong camel and said, “This may be man.” He called her and said, “Wait, let me see, are you human?”
The camel said: God forbid that I should be like Adam. I am a camel, I eat thorns and I carry a load, and I am captive and humiliated by human hands. They come and put a hundred times on my shoulders and turn me thirsty and hungry in the deserts without water and grass, and then they tie our hands and feet so that we do not run away. “Humans eat our milk, pick our wool, and with those robes they do not take our souls right away, they even eat our meat.”

“Very well, I knew it myself,” Shir said. “I wanted to see if you would not want to put a human name on yourself and scare monkeys and jackals.”

“We are wrong,” Camel said. I do not harm anyone, and if a monkey or jackal pulls my leash, I will go with him. “I am a working animal and …”

“Very well, don’t talk too much,” said the lion. And he went on to a cow. He said to himself that this animal with its branches must be human. He went forward and asked him, “Are you from a human family?”
“No, sir,” said the cow, “who has no horns.” I am a cow that is lost to a human being and I do not know where to go to complain. Man takes Maha, closes it in the barn at night and takes it to the field during the day, and we have to plow the land and crush the wheat and turn the wheel of the extractor shop, then we give milk, and in the end they kill us and eat our meat. “They eat.”

“Yes, I knew,” said the lion. “I told you not to be tempted to put a human name on yourself and scare the smaller animals, these monkeys and jackals are illiterate and are afraid of humans.”

“No, sir,” said the cow, “the thing is, I’m with this horn …” The
lion said, “Very well, do not talk too much.

“So it turned out that humans do not have horns, and so far something has been added to our knowledge,” the lion said to himself. And he went on until he came to a donkey that was running on horseback in the wilderness, shouting. The lion said to himself, “This animal, with its sound and its running and rejoicing, is surely what I am looking for.” He called the donkey and said, “Oh, let me see, are you the one who says you have become human?”

The donkey said, “No, by God, I am a human being.” I myself am a miserable human being. And now I have escaped from people. They are very scary and as soon as they reach an animal, they do not leave it alone. They take us and put a burden on us. They catch us and make fun of us and say that we should not walk until there is a donkey. People are so cruel and people are persecuted that even their own poet said:

pregnant cows and donkeys
are persecuting people

“Very well,” said the lion, “I knew you were long-suffering, but I’m going to see what people are talking about.”

The donkey said, “But sir, you have to take care of yourself …” The

lion said, “Very well, do not talk too much. “I know what I have to do.”
But the lion thought it was very strange that this human being, whom everyone counts on, that is, is there another animal bigger than an elephant, a camel, a cow, and a donkey? He went a little further and came to a horse that was tied to a tree and was eating barley. The lion went forward and said, “Who are you?” “I’m looking for someone.”

“Hess, speak more slowly,” said the horse. Man is very dangerous, only maybe you can take our revenge on people. People take us, restrain us, and take us to war, to hunt, to ride us, and to make us run, and to overthrow our father. “Look how I was tied to this tree.”

“It’s your fault,” said the lion.

The horse said, “Yes, that’s right, no matter what I say, there are lions, wolves and leopards in the desert and forest …

“The lion did not allow his words to end and said that you talked a lot, it is a pity that I have a more important job, otherwise I knew what to do with you, but today I want to take revenge on all animals from humans.”

The lion walks a little further and reaches a field and sees a man tying the sticks of a tree, and a boy helps him and sorts the branches.

The lion said to himself: Apparently these are not human beings either, but now there is no harm in asking him. Questioning is the key to knowledge. He went forward and asked the working man, “Are you a human being?”

The working man was frightened and said, “Yes, Mr. Shir, I always ask everyone about your health.”

“Very well,” said the lion, “but I came to see you bothering the animals, and everyone is afraid of you?”

The man said, “Do you have the authority, Mr. Shir, to harass me?” Did anyone say that to you? If anyone is afraid of us, he is a coward, otherwise I am the servant of all animals. I serve them, our job is to serve at all, but people are unjust and do not appreciate people. “Why do you have to believe what people say? It is very unlikely that you are everyone’s server and you have to be very vigilant.”

“I saw elephants, cows, donkeys, camels and horses all complaining about you, monkeys and jackals are afraid of you, and everyone says that man has made us miserable,” said the lion.

The man said, “Believe in your dear soul that they have told you the opposite. The same elephant, even though it is a big animal with no character, should be ashamed of my love. We bring this wild animal to the city and introduce it to the people, we feed it, we entertain it at the zoo. We keep the same camel, we feed it, we build a house for it. What is the use of raising the wool, we prepare clothes for the naked with camel wool.

We saddle the horse for her and decorate her like a bride. Then we do not force anyone to work. We take the cows and donkeys and leave them in the desert, but they come straight and go to the stable. Finally, if someone is not satisfied, why does he return? You have heard them alone and they say that the one who goes to the judge alone will be happy. They are not here now, but if you want a horse here, let me bring it and let it go. If it agrees to go to the forest, whatever you say is true.

Note that we never load on lions and leopards. Because they themselves are not satisfied. We do not have the strength to tell anyone, can you believe that I can bother the elephant with this weak body? “I am not tied to a handful of him.”
“Yes,” said the lion, “as if you knew what to say.”
“Good words are not the reason, but we do good deeds,” the man said. Believe that we will do whatever we can for the people. “Even today, I was thinking of coming to your service and proposing that I build a house for you. After all, you are the server of the animals and you have a great right to us.”

“How is the house?” Asked the lion.
The man said, “If you allow me, I will make it right now so that you can see how kind-hearted we are.” “You can rest for a few minutes in the shade of a tree.” The man called his disciple and said: Son, bring those boards and those hammers and nails.

The boy brought the carpentry tools, and the man immediately put together a large cage and said to the lion, “Come on.” This is a house. The benefit is that if you do not want anyone to disturb you, you go in and close the door and sleep comfortably. Or you take care of your children in it and when you are in this house, the rain does not fall on your head and the sun does not shine on your head, and if a rock falls from the mountain, it does not fall on you, and if the wind blows and breaks a tree, life on the roofs of houses We do, and for you who are the master of animals, having a house is very important. Of course, all kinds of houses can be built, small and large. “Now let me see at home, is it the right size for you?”

Whatever the lion thought, seeing a human being is not a terrible thing to me, and it is very kind. It was that he went fearlessly into the cage and the carpenter immediately closed the cage and said, “Come and let me show you the art of mankind.” The man slowly instructed his disciple to “light some fire behind the wall and bring the sun.” Then he himself came to the foot of the cage and Bashir spoke and said, “Yes.

To say that a human being is something like that is to say that the human body is very thin orange, but the human brain works better than all animals. You have underestimated human beings so much that when you walk through the forest, you come and peel off their heads, human beings have invented a hundred kinds of things that are good for themselves and bad for them. Of course, your claws and teeth are much more dangerous, and if all animals are afraid of us, that’s why. “Now I will inflict such a calamity on you with a helpless little sun that you will not forget for the rest of your life and you will no longer seek revenge.” Then he raised his voice and said:

“Boy, take the sun.”
The sun man took boiling water and started pouring boiling water on the head and body of the lion above the head of the cage.
The lion shouted and tried to save himself, but no matter how hard he tried, the box was strong. Finally, after the lion burned all over her body and her skin blistered and the work was done, she said, “Yes, I can keep you in this cage, I can inflate you, I can peel you.” But I do not want you to go to the forest and other animals do not want to use force against humans. I will open the cage for you myself, but if you are going to have bad sex, I have a hundred other things that are worse than the sun, and then the blood is on your neck.
The man opened the cage door and the lion ran away in fear and did not look back. He went to the forest and complained about the burning of his body. Two lions in the forest saw him and asked, “What happened? Why are you like this?”

The lion told the story and said, “All this came to me at the hands of man.” The lions said, “You talked to a human being and you were deceived by him. We must take revenge on him. Mankind has trapped you alone, you should not face the enemy alone, if we were together it would not be like this.

“Let’s go,” he said.
Three fresh-breathing lions came forward and burnt lions came running after them to reach the farm. The carpenter himself had gone home and his apprentice was gathering tools when the lions arrived. The boy understood and saw that the situation was dangerous. He immediately climbed a tree and sat on a tree branch.

When the lions reached the foot of the tree, they said, “Let’s check now.” “I’m afraid of people,” said the burnt lion. “I stand at the foot of the tree. You step on my shoulder, get on top of each other and pull him down so that we can count on him together.”

They said, “Okay.” The burnt lion stood at the foot of the tree and the other lions mounted on top of each other and the tree was short. The carpenter’s apprentice is close to seeing the lions reach him and has no escape route. Suddenly a thought came to his mind and he remembered his master’s words and shouted: “Boy, bring the sun.”
The lions ran after him and said, “Why did you leave?” “We almost got it.”

“What I know you do not know,” said the lion. I know all the secrets of mankind, and as soon as he says, “Bring the sun,” it’s done. The misfortune that befell me was that we could not make the sun. People are wiser than us, and the one who is wiser is stronger anyway.


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