The solution to quitting TV addiction in children

TV addiction in children is a problem for most parents, parents who, no matter how hard they try, can not separate their children from playing with computers, phones, and tablets, must act effectively.



The best behavior to get rid of addiction to TV and subsidized games

The most common problem of parents these days is the addition of children to television and subsidized games, which is in fact one of the most serious problems in the world of children’s education, and to solve it, we must take principled and practical ways.

Watching too much and addicted to TV, playing computer games in children

“enough! You do not want to spray? When you woke up in the morning, you sat at the computer and it was as if you were holding a toy stick in your hand that you did not put on the floor! So what can I do about you? Yesterday, when you sat at the TV and watched TV programs in a row. My eyes are the bowl of the house, there is nothing left to be completely blind to! “Well, get up!” The reason for these statements, which is familiar to both parents and children, is the lack of rules for watching TV and using computers at home.

The educational psychologist, by saying that watching too much TV or playing games with computers and smartphones is one of the issues that has become a problem for some parents today, warns parents to avoid such problems. To solve.

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The cause of TV addiction in children

Reasons and Ways to Quit TV Addiction

Set a time frame for the game

Whenever your child wants to play with a computer, PlayStation, or mobile phone or watch TV, set a time limit; Say, for example, “You can only play for an hour” and remind him before his time runs out that his time is running out and he should turn off the computer. If he does not accept this warning, turn off the gaming machine or remove one of its tools or components very gently and without contempt or argument. Do the same in the following days, so that he gradually learns that he can not get what he wants with noise, crying, etc., and it is better to finish the game on time.

Fill his free time
This problem is more common in children who do not have a plan to fill their free time. They keep saying that I am bored, tired, lonely, and so on. Therefore, these children face the problem of watching too much TV and using the computer. In such a situation, parents are advised to enroll their child in sports, art, and faith classes and be sure to play with him for an hour of the day to make the most of his free time.

Try to be persistent in performing this method and do not get tired.
Another very important point is to be in harmony with your spouse in performing this method because otherwise, the child will catch fish from this muddy water and the situation will not go well.


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The role of parents in eliminating television addiction in children

Set a time limit for kids to use the TV and play with smartphones

Teamwork: Group activities are always fun and entertaining for children. In addition, it will develop their social skills. Get help from some of your neighbors and ask their children to play with your child in their free time. You can set up a poetry club and encourage children to memorize poetry and read it to each other. Ask them to share a video with each other and shoot them yourself with your mobile phone. This will strengthen the thinking and management skills to carry out a group project between children.

Be a good role model Be
a good role model for your child and use TV and computer correctly and on time. When the TV is on in your home around the clock and aimlessly, give your child the right to be drawn to it and watch programs that are not even related to him.

2 other important points
First of all, it is recommended to avoid buying mobile phones until the end of elementary school for children. Second, if computer games are chosen correctly and the child plays with them at set times, it can be effective in increasing the child’s concentration and accuracy, increasing his problem-solving power and creativity; So do not deprive the child of working with the computer at all.

Enjoyable activities: Sometimes, just for the fun of it, accompany your children in the activities they love. If they love to make bubbles and foam in the bathroom, let them. Let them choose their favorite ice cream with a special taste they like. Go to the zoo or amusement park together. In fact, do things that really excite them.

Take advantage of these alternatives
Always remember that when you stop your child from doing something, you should also have suitable alternatives; For example, tell him to turn off the TV so we can go to the park together, play manch, or whatever. These activities, which we have listed below, will not only be interesting and exciting for your child but will also develop his personality.

Creative activities: Encouraging children to do creative things helps them to enjoy doing things in their own way. Another creative work is painting. Ask your child to put the picture he/she has in mind on paper; For example, ask him what made him happy over the past few days, and then ask him to draw the same thing for you. In the same way, in any activity, seek to cultivate his sense of creativity and at the same time create an interesting and exciting day for him.

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