Dealing with the sexual curiosity of children and adolescents

The curiosity of children and adolescents about sexual issues always creates a sense of concern in parents, unaware that parents are the best people to answer and guide their child’s sexual questions.



The right response of parents to the curiosity of children and adolescents about sexual issues

“Parents can not ignore the right of sexual needs in their adolescents,” said one psychologist, advising them to increase the ability to talk about adolescents’ personal feelings in family settings to prevent, resolve and resolve puberty problems. Give.

At present, due to adolescents’ access to a variety of information in the form of videos and photos on mobile phones and personal computers, we often see premature puberty in them; This is while we can not forbid teenagers in the world of communication to use the latest technologies in the world; Inevitably, we must accept this fact and not act to suppress it, because banning the use of these devices will only make the adolescent more greedy.


Parents need to be aware of adolescent literature and increase their ability to converse in order to prevent the emerging harms of technology development in adolescents, because adolescence is like walking on a narrow wall and if one can not be guided properly during this period. Kurdish, at any moment one may be thrown into a valley from which it will be very difficult to return.

“Unfortunately, adolescent sexual problems and curiosities, which are part of the natural stages of his development, are always placed in hidden family spaces, and families must accept that sexual needs and curiosities exist in their adolescent just like any other person,” he said. In this regard, they should have a respectful and accusatory view of the adolescent.


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Correct answers to children and adolescents’ curiosity and sexual questions

At this age, it is better for fathers to talk to boys and mothers to talk to girls, and by providing some tips, provide the ground for preventive measures for them. Parental misbehavior with adolescents at this age, especially with regard to their sexual problems and curiosities, has the opposite effect and causes their pessimism in adulthood, which is the prelude to many problems in the future life of adolescents.

Sometimes we see that families deal with this issue very simply and easily watch some videos and pictures in family gatherings; On the other hand, there are families who, due to strictness or unnecessary shyness in this regard, do not even allow talking to teenager about these issues, both of which are very harmful for the teenager and cause the teen to deviate.

During this period, mothers and daughters of families with adolescent boys are advised to avoid wearing half-naked and tight clothes. Adolescence is a period that should not be neglected and families should always be aware of the hormonal and physiological changes of their adolescent.

A psychologist also stressed the unnecessary shame of families regarding adolescent sexual issues and that in many cases families think that if they talk to adolescents about this, their so-called eyes and ears will be opened: Parents’ speech is effective in directing and guiding children; Nowadays, families are not even familiar with their adolescent literature, and due to the lack of experience of such issues during their adolescence, they do not have the power to manage the situation, and thus always try to suppress or useless freedoms, both of which are harmful. When parents put the lack of dialogue and silence on these issues on their agenda, the teenager chooses the wrong way to satisfy his curiosities.

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