The root of violence in male students

There are many factors that affect the aggression and aggression of male students and make it difficult for them at school.



The cause of violence and aggression of schoolboys

According to studies, a large percentage of children’s behavioral problems under various headings are related to aggression. The existence of various theories, in this case, indicates the complexity of the issue.

For most children, school is the first place they experience life with peers. The school is a small but important institution that can not be considered separate and different from society. In this way, any social event may affect the school.

root of violence

Violent behaviors of students at school

A school is an important place for students. Students who are preparing for life and need to learn “socialization” and how to interact with others, which is done by respecting and accepting others.

… As for the issue of respect for others, it may not seem like a complicated issue, but it seems that the need to learn this issue for students is very important, and if a student at an early age of the school, a category of behavior Learn about respect or develop this pattern of action and, of course, constantly observe these social behaviors from school parents and live in a family whose members also believe in this category, then one can hope. That a person grows up with a natural personality and with the standards of a respectable and polite human being, and with these qualities, enters a larger society to play his role.


Really, how much do any parents who have a non-native child who has attended school this school year care about these issues?

Many parents are concerned about the level of education and learning of their children, which, although the discussion of science education is important and the place of attention is reserved, but it seems that issues and topics related to the upbringing of children, Every category is more important. This is the important principle that forms the structure of a human personality. Education is an important process in which, in short, it becomes a prelude to the emergence of all kinds of social problems and harms.


what should we do?
Many parents in the current situation are complaining about the captivity of their children in the grip of technology, and this is a problem that the parents of previous generations never thought about as much as the current parents.
Children’s contact with television, various movie and cartoon CDs, the Internet, and social networks, has various effects for them, which requires a long and detailed discussion. Therefore, in this article, we will mention an example in this wide circle.

root of violence

Behavioral disorders in elementary school students


Violence is one of the most important harms that endanger the mental health of the individual and in society

Aggressive students at school

One of the problems that parents and parents of schools, especially boys’ schools, the face is the issue of violence among children, which can occur both verbally and physically.


As you know, violence is one of the most important harms that endanger the mental health of the individual and ultimately society. This is why teaching violence by children at school is particularly sensitive compared to other places.

The impact of violent films on children

Violence in the classroom, among classmates, between teacher and student, and violence in the yard and school environment between students … This is an issue that is annoying to most parents, but unfortunately watching emotional movies and violence Making boys accustomed to characters such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Superman and Batman will only result in emotional and violent behaviors in children.


This is an issue that requires special attention from parents. Keeping children away from these things will probably not be easy. In a society where the image of Spider-Man is imprinted on school bags, shoes, clothes and birthday hats. The same hand tools are again reminiscent of a role for children that may one day be watched, and even if he wants to forget it, these repetitions are prevented.


Boys’ violent behaviors

Thus, it is not surprising that boys play imaginary roles in different environments in conjunction with these characters, which, of course, is more attractive for them to play in school and among peers, so that they can do so. Show insiders and look back that when they do, they are likely to engage in a variety of behaviors, including bullying, extortion, intimidation, harm to classmates, or school supplies.
It is important to identify the causes and factors of violence among boys, which should be done with the consent of parents and school parents.


Violence in boys’ schools

Social difficulties, social, economic, and family disorders can be the underlying causes of school violence. Poverty, unemployment, parental illiteracy, divorce, and addiction are some of the social ills that most affect schools in deprived areas and remote towns. However, the affluent sections of society are not immune to this issue, and there is the issue of violence in non-profit schools, which seems to be more related to students watching the film.

It is better to believe that family circumstances have a direct impact on the occurrence of different behaviors of our children at school. So let’s think about turning the home environment into a safe and quiet environment to reduce the incidence of violent behaviors in children.

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