The role of storytelling in educating and learning children

Children today have high intelligence and at the same time more stress due to lifestyle. Join us to help strong children learn and relieve their stress.



The role of storytelling in children’s learning

One of the most effective tools for educating children is the story of Essen. Storytelling is an indirect method of raising a child and has important properties because of the child’s interest.
It is better for the mother to prepare colorful books with beautiful shapes and pictures and read the story to the child for at least 15 minutes every day, albeit with a loud voice and a simple tone. Your friendly reading makes your child happy because he feels that you care about him, which leads to more interest and better learning.

The positive effect of storytelling on children’s learning

Remember not to tell the result directly to yourself in the end, and ask him or her what he or she will learn from the story, as this kind of conclusion turns indirect teaching into direct learning and strengthens the power of understanding and decision. Raise in on him.
Along with these books, the mother should use the stories she remembers to instill in the child a sense of the mother’s experience and knowledge.
Be very careful in choosing your child’s stories and books, because having some words, etc. may distort your child’s upbringing.
The best time to read a book and tell a story before bed is when the child is ready to understand and learn better while being comfortable and relaxed before bed. If your child chooses a repetitive story, allow it because repetition has its own value.
The child falls asleep with the kind voice of the mother, and this sleep will be soothing for him, which is very important for his health and growth.

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