The risk of malnutrition in obese children

Contrary to popular belief, obese children may also be malnourished, because if the child’s digestive system works properly, the child will neither be too fat nor too thin.


Obese children are healthier or thinner children

Obese children are more lovable than thin children and most parents are more inclined to have obese children, but sometimes the health of obese children is endangered. Today’s generation of children is fatter and fatter than in the past. For this reason, parents must pay close attention to them.

The use of all kinds of stuffed and unhealthy foods such as soft drinks, puffs, chips have made children fatter than before. Now, this is when we do not talk about chocolatescandies, ice cream, etc.

The age of telecommunications has also brought children, computers, television, video games, and many other games that deprive children of mobility. It is said that today’s children exercise less and play less outdoors than children of the previous generation.

Obese children get various diseases earlier. These children have less self-confidence and are more depressed than their peers and are rejected by the peer group.

The best way to keep children healthy is for parents to monitor the child’s weight gain problem as soon as possible. When a child becomes obese as they grow older, they are twice as likely to be obese as adults.

Malnutrition lurks in obese children

A neonatal specialist said that the child’s growth should be based on the growth chart and that the child’s high or low weight needs to be checked and could be due to malnutrition.


Obese children, like very thin children, suffer from malnutrition

Referring to the desire of some families to have obese children, he said: “Families sometimes take a child’s obesity into account for his health and are happy that their children are obese, while this happiness is due to ignorance.” They are.

The expert advised families to compare their children with others, noting that sometimes families compare their children with others and feel anxious when they see an obese child and decide to see a doctor and check on their children’s development. Do not compare others.

“Contrary to some families’ beliefs, very obese children may also be malnourished, because if the baby’s digestive system works properly, the baby will neither be too fat nor too thin,” said the neonatologist. Very obese children in the future may face problems of overweight and obesity, diabeteshigh blood pressure and…

Pointing out that the child’s growth should be based on the growth chart, he said: “The high or low weight of the child needs to be investigated and can be due to his malnutrition.”

“The growth of each baby is determined by the weight at birth,” he said. “By the age of six months, the baby should gain between 300 and 750 grams per month, and more and less than this amount is needed.” To review.

He said that the appropriate overweight for children from six months to one year is between 600 to 750 grams per month, adding: after the age of one year, the child should gain two kilograms of weight each year.

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