The right way to talk to the child

Parents who spend a few hours a day with their children on a normal day may find it frustrating to spend all their time off school, but be careful not to let this frustration interfere with your upbringing.



Ways to talk properly with the child

With the closure of schools, the holidays begin to be difficult days for mothers and children. Children spend more time at home and on the one hand you have more opportunity to spend time with your child and on the other hand more

Being with him can increase the tension between you. You have hard work ahead of you; In this short space of time, you will not only have to work on correcting the behavioral mistakes your child has shown throughout the week, but you will probably run into new problems that need to be solved because you are more with your child and spending time with others. Try to do them. For this reason, we have listed the most troublesome behavioral mistakes that parents show in such opportunities, and we will share with you the ways to avoid these mistakes.

you always. . . You never. . . 
Generalizing behaviors can hurt any relationship; Whether you are in front of your fiancé, you are with your mother, or your child is in front of you, you can damage your relationship with him by extending past behaviors to new situations. Going to a party and sharing your child’s mischief with other children and the colorful reasons they are not listed on this page can lead to misbehavior on your part, but never, under any circumstances, accuse him or her of ever making a mistake. Even if he made a mistake today in the past, do not accuse him of being always bad by reminding him of this fact.

The right ways to behave and talk to the child

You are wonderful
You may want to motivate your child to work harder, but if you exaggerate in encouraging your child after each effort, you will make him or her dependent on your verbal rewards instead of motivating him or her. Never, after saying goodbye to other mothers to encourage your child, compare him / her with their children, and if he / she did something hand-in-hand with other children, do not say “the card is great” to appreciate his / her efforts! While motivating your child and telling him / her the positive points of his / her work, explain to him / her in which field he / she should work harder and do not make any progress for him / her from the failures of others.
Why can’t you be like him?
Your daughter has nothing to do with learning music and the landlady plays the piano? Never highlight the fact that he is not as good at something as other people. Believe me, not all people are going to be successful in one area, and your child is not going to make up for lost dreams. Give him a chance to find the path in which he can succeed, and do not accuse him of instability and incompetence, even if he misses several opportunities and quits several jobs. Your five- or six-year-old has many years to find his or her life path. So support him instead of accusing him.
hurry up
We know that preparing your child and getting your spouse up is not easy, but even if you feel you are late, do not keep telling your child, “Hurry up!” Instead of putting such stress on him and endangering his mental security by always rushing, subtly help your child speed things up. Saying “Hurry up, you messed me up!” Not only does it not help you achieve better results, but by engaging your child in stress , it can cause him or her to delay work more than before and make him or her feel incompetent and helpless.
Did you hear what he said?
Discussions that take place at parties, seeing changes in the appearance and behavior of those around you, and many other things, can motivate you to talk about them after you leave the party, but beware of these seemingly sweet discussions. Do not talk in front of your child. When your child is in your review sessions after going to a party, he or she will look at people differently in later periods and learn from others to judge others and be critical of them. So do not tell him verbally or verbally that this behavior is wrong, but show your child that it is wrong.
Can’t your ears hear?
For those of you who only see your child for a few hours a day, spending all day with your child can be frustrating at times, and trying to educate them all the time can be frustrating, but beware. Do not be your voice. Most of us have learned anger adopt a change in the volume of our show, and if not for the grill quail yourself permission to do so now, in fact, the child say that time satisfied the conditions and annoyance of others, the best way to maximize sound . The holidays may not be the best time to correct some of your behaviors; Take this opportunity.

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