The irreversible impact of inappropriate movies on children

In an age where the media, especially movies, can influence the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, and philosophy of human life, we must not forget the impact of these inappropriate media and movies on our children.

What effect do inappropriate music and movies have on children?

The effects of movies, especially inappropriate movies on children, should be taken seriously. The role of film is very effective in creating and cultivating public opinion and in this way it can form new ideas and tastes in people. Puts knowledge.

Childhood is the most crucial stage of life and the era of innocence, happiness, peace, and creativity. It is the duty of every parent to strive to maintain these characteristics in their child and to deliver him/her to the next stages of life with mental health. Unfortunately, some parents do not pay attention to this.

What effect do inappropriate movies have on our children?

How many children do you have? One? Couple? three? If you have a hundred children, would you be willing to feed one of the foods that is poisonous? Or take him to a place full of contaminants? Certainly not. So how is it that some parents do not pay attention to their child’s mental food?


Believe me, I do not want to chant, but the effect of some parents’ lack of attention to the quality of movies and music they expose their children to is less than the effect of a poisoned meal or breathing in a room full of monoxide. It is not carbon. The effect that these media have on your child’s psyche is a multifaceted effect that will not be erased from your child’s mind right now.

inappropriate movies

What do movies and music do to our child?


A few words of unfortunate but necessary words.
Unfortunately, today the work of some negligence of some parents has reached a point where it inadvertently comes to mind that “parents are also old parents.” I recently heard a sample biography of these parents from a friend: “When the dinner table was ready, the young landlord couple, who had a six-year-old daughter, asked the guests to sit at the table.


The TV was already on and an uncensored movie was playing. Almost none of the adults were aware of the film, and when we sat down at the table, all the senses went to the food and said and laughed. The landlady girl was sitting at the table with two other children who were guests, eating. Suddenly the children became silent. Again, no one was paying attention. I also accidentally noticed the sex scene in the movie, which I think was a few seconds after the kids watched it.

I asked the landlord to turn off the TV, but he whispered indifferently, “It’s over now.” He was right. The movie ended there, but it was just the beginning for the kids because they started kissing the model and talking about it. “And unfortunately, the parents still reacted indifferently and even occasionally to their encouraging charity by talking to their children about it.”

Unfortunately, the number of such parents has increased. As another example, some time ago I saw a seven-year-old child chanting at the voice of an underground singer, taking control of the TV in front of his mouth and swaying on the couch, who, in addition to his insane music, The content of his poem was also pathological. And unfortunately, such stories continue …

What do these movies and music do to your child?

Before entering into this discussion, I emphasize again that the impact of inappropriate movies and music on your child is not limited to childhood. Considering this issue, we will deal with some of these harmful effects in children:

A lifelong gesture
How do you, as an adult, view your childhood memories? Do you see it as an image, for example? Or as a concept stored in your long-term memory? Did you know that children create an image in their mind of everything they see or hear or encounter in any way? An image that both shapes their memory and shapes their attitudes toward themselves, the world, and the future? With these other rules, calculate the effect of inappropriate movies and music on your child!

A half-hearted and untimely puberty
In general, the stages of human development are planned in such a way that at each stage, different aspects of a person’s existence come together step by step. For example, in adolescence, the body begins to grow, as well as thoughts, social relationships, and sexual concerns. This coordination between different aspects of growth is very, very important.

Because if these aspects are not in harmony with each other and, for example, one aspect is even superficially ahead of the others, the person will be confused and anxious. So for this important reason, children should be kept away from watching movies and listening to songs that have inappropriate content, and from excuses such as “he is a child”, “he does not understand these things” and … Strictly avoided. Because precisely because he is a child and does not understand these things, such things can even be dangerous for his present and future.


inappropriate movies

What do movies and music do to our child?


Missing innocence
does not matter if it is a movie or music, when your child sees or hears something that does not have healthy content, he is actually moving away from his innocence bit by bit, and the effects of this turning away, in later stages of his life, such as Adolescence and youth will show itself.

There is a major risk factor
in mental health issues. This principle states that when a person suffers from a mental illness, the physical background of the illness is in an environment that increases the likelihood of developing the illness. This principle shows how much the environment can play a role in our health or illness. So please take this issue seriously.

Inappropriate movies and music are such that even the psyche of a wise, mature and healthy person suffers from depression, let alone the psyche of a child who has not seen the world and is vulnerable!
I apologize to you if you are tired of writing a little to the scientific part of this note, but it seemed to me that writing in the language of science might be able to keep this note from being accused of being rhetorical and to give fair minds to the reality of this. Categories awaken.

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