The impact of the tablet on raising children

In today’s world where technology is at the forefront and children spend more time than parents with a variety of electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets, etc., the negative effects of these devices on children’s upbringing should not be overlooked.



Tablet negative impact on raising children

The widespread prevalence of tablet use among children and their continued use of this electronic device will pose serious risks to them. Firstly, children will avoid games that are played in a free environment and in groups, and secondly, violent and war games will have a bad effect on children’s morale. In addition, parents can not constantly monitor the work of children, and all this interferes with the upbringing of children .


raising children

The role of tablets in educating children

The waves of technology have become so high and fast that Iranian parents have been left out of the barrier. The waves whose power has caused some Iranian parents to either drown in it or adapt to it in the best of circumstances. The acceleration of this wave is so great that it no longer leaves parents a chance to become literate in technology. This is while the work has inadvertently fallen into the hands of teenagers by their parents.


The influence of new technologies in the lives of young people has increased and they are also updating themselves, and on the other hand, the influence of parents in controlling technologies is decreasing! For the past two years, parents have been forced to buy tablets for their young children.

As many parents say, the reason for this compulsion is their children’s competition with other children in having this companion 7 inches or higher. But these days, the same 5-6 year old children are downloading computer games away from their parents’ eyes. Games whose content the soul of the parents does not know. Even parents are sometimes so indifferent to this technology and illiterate in the field of technology that they do not realize what games their child downloads from the Internet every day.


Games with 20+ content

However, vulgar and obscene games are only part of the content of Android games that children and teenagers download these days. Downloads that parents are not aware of, sometimes even parents, happy that the child is entertained and turned off, do not even look at their tablet or mobile phone screen. Content


Some of these games, which are published under the title of intellectual and educational games, are significantly culturally and morally thought-provoking, because it can be imagined when a 4-5 year old child plays a game that in It is supposed to do things that are not its age, what will come to his mind!


raising children

Monitor the content of children’s games

Android signals in conflict with training

Soheila Ahmadvand, a university professor and psychologist, said about the content of Android games that are used by children these days: “The content of some of these games causes children to experience a lot of mental anxiety at the same age.” Concepts such as a free relationship with the opposite sex, which are introduced in these games, create a dangerous mental conflict in him and raise many questions for young children. Questions he can’t find answers to, while this brings with it early hormonal stimuli for adolescent boys.


In appearance calm and immersed in the tablet, inwardly confused

Ahmadvand adds about the parents being happy with the children’s silence while using these games: “Some of the content of these games is so heavy for the children that it freezes their minds, that is, the children are completely silent and focus a lot on that game.” have. In this way, the children are calm in appearance, but there is a serious mental burst inside them.

An intellectual frenzy that results from the countless questions that have arisen for them due to watching incomprehensible scenes! Scenes that have themes that are not at all appropriate for their age. In the meantime, it seems that day by day, in the absence of attractive domestic Android games for children, foreign games fill most of children’s leisure time.


raising children

Raising a child with a tablet

When the tablet raises the child

Meanwhile, Nazanin Rastegar, a psychologist and university professor, says about the educational dimension of the subject of Android games: “In any case, the content of these games has a significant educational effect, because you want to have a child who believes in and believes in childhood.” Develop a set of privacy or family-specific contexts, but these games provide different signals to children with such beliefs.


The psychologist noted: “Many Iranian parents do not want their child at the age of 4-5 to learn about instinctual issues and related to special relationships, but these games directly and indirectly acquaint them with this space.” Slowly Rastegar says about this educational disorder by Android games: The minds of children are formed in such a way that sooner or later they show every visual message and sign in their behaviors. For whatever reason, the child may not show in his behavior what he watched in these games for fear of his parents or restrictions, but he turns it into a mental base.

It is even possible to compare each training lesson over time with what he has seen in these games and spent hours on it. For example, parents may ask their children at an early age to gradually change the type of clothing they cover, but children are also subconsciously comparing their clothing to the content of these games. When girls are often seen half-naked in these games, they no longer easily follow the teachings about clothing, because first of all, patterns are instilled in their minds and cannot be changed so easily. In this way, the child grows with the same mental foundations and in addition to formal education by parents, they also have a kind of pre-education.


 parents against Android giants

At this time, Iranian parents have remained and these Android giants, giants who eat children at the same time and manipulate their educational foundations. Manipulation that will affect them in cultural and social dimensions. Many parents may think that this wave of Android impact is not so serious, but a study of children who use this type of foreign Android products on their tablets for only a short time, shows that some Iranian parents think wrong. .

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