The effects of inappropriate parental coverage at home on children

Parents’ coverage at home and in front of their children should be balanced because too open or too closed coverage has both consequences.



How should parents cover their children?

The family is the first institution in which children grow up, and many experience the first lessons of their lives in this institution. Parents’ behavior and the way parents cover their children have direct effects and cause the formation of children’s first mentalities.

Parental coverage varies from family to family, with different cultures and beliefs. Observing proper cover based on moral and Islamic patterns in the family is very important and valuable and creates stability, peace, and security in the family. Proper coverage not only calms parents but also ensures the normal growth of children.

Conversely, being naked and semi-naked, wearing tight-fitting clothing that highlights body parts, in the presence of children who have reached a clean age, especially children of the opposite sex, can vary depending on their age. , Leave different consequences and negative effects.


Observance of sexual ethics in the family plays an important role in children’s sexual health. In addition to proper coverage, parents should avoid other behaviors in the presence of their children.

Can inappropriate parental coverage at home lead to premature puberty? How should parents dress in front of their children? People usually have two different views on this; But what is the best behavior?
We asked this question to a child and adolescent psychiatrist and a faculty member of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences.

Limits on parental coverage at home

How much should a parent wear at home?
– There is no specific and defined formula in this field. Opinions differ on this in different families, communities, and religions.

Which do you think is better; Free to dress or cover yourself too much?
Excessive parental dressing or over-dressing can have both benefits and disadvantages. There are different beliefs in this regard;

Some people believe that if parents dress a little more freely at home, it will reduce their children’s excessive sexual sensitivity and curiosity towards children who grow up in more closed environments. However, I emphasize again that the view from this free Dressing is not naked at all.

Some people also believe that easier clothing at home makes the child not notice the boundaries and is confused and does not know where to dress and what to do or does not understand whether it is permissible to wear such clothes in the home and should not wear them in front of strangers…

parental coverage

The coverage of parents in front of their children should be balanced and maintain privacy

What are the pros and cons of hardcover at home?
– A child whose parents wear very well-dressed clothes at home notices taboos and realizes that he must protect himself. Of course, he may have a strong sexual curiosity because it is very forbidden. These children sometimes feel very guilty about the questions that come to them and may think that they are reckless.

At what age should you pay more attention to the way you dress in front of children?
– It is good since the child was informed about sexual issues and the parents saw that the child asks questions or makes hints about it, for example, he notices whether his mother’s clothes are open or not and which parts of his body are visible, in the presence of She should be careful how they dress. A heterosexual parent from the age of 3-4 and a homosexual parent from the age of 5-6 should be more careful in choosing the clothes they wear in front of their child.

Does accuracy in these behaviors also affect the upbringing and education of children?
– Yes, the child should learn that he should never change his clothes in public when someone is present, even if that person is a heterosexual parent. To teach this, parents must maintain privacy and not change clothes in front of their child so that he can learn this behavior. The child should not even notice that his parents do not have privacy in dressing together because he will be confused.

But the parents have to accompany their child until he can go to the bathroom alone.

– Yes, but they should not enter the bathroom without knocking when their child is in the bathroom, and when they enter the bathroom with the child, they must have a cover and not leave their child completely naked. In the last stage of bathing, when it is necessary to wash the whole body, the parent next to him should turn his face and not look at the baby’s body.

By doing this, the child is taught that no one should see some of his limbs.
Some believe that if parents dress comfortably in front of the child, sexual questions will be less raised for the child and the so-called eyes and ears will be filled. Is this thinking correct?

– Not necessarily, however, whether their parents are fully clothed or more loosely clothed, these questions arise in the minds of children, because it is part of their natural growth process. This issue does not affect the time of puberty and children from 3-4 years old ask about their own gender, the opposite sex, and… The fact that parents wear loose-fitting clothes and expose their limbs to the child’s gaze or cover themselves too much does not help to reduce the questions or correct them.

What is the best thing to do?
Informed parents should explain the difference between men and women, not in terms of sex, but in terms of anatomy, to children with storybooks for children in consultation with the counselor;

For example, what are the differences between men and women, what are the private organs, and everyone, young and old, should cover them. In addition, you need to learn what behaviors are acceptable to the community and its family. In my opinion, both excesses and excesses in this field ruin the work; Too strict or too free.
The child understands the concept of privacy through the parental cover.

According to you, in addition to the type of clothing you wear, your parents’ behavior can also have an impact on this learning.

– It is. The parental cover does not necessarily make the child reckless as long as his education is correct. For example, if a mother wears open clothes in the presence of others and regardless of who the person enters the house, she confuses her child and this pattern of behavior makes her not learn to cover everywhere and in the presence of different people. And there are boundaries and this is dangerous for the child.

The child must learn to have the privacy that must sometimes be strictly enforced. Any excess in this regard is destructive. It is enough for the child to wear different clothes when only the mother is present, or when the uncle, uncle, and aunt are present, and even when the heterosexual parent enters, he should have different clothes.

By doing this, he understands how to dress everywhere and in front of everyone. A child who sees that his mother is dressed very loosely at home, and when his father enters, he wears clothes on it, he learns the subtle point that he must dress according to the place and time.

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