The dishwasher causes allergies in children

A study of 1,000 Swedish children found that using dishes that are washed in the dishwasher increases the risk of allergies in children.



Create allergies in children with the dishwasher!

In today’s life where everyone has a shortage of time, home appliances such as dishwashers can be found in most homes. But according to new research, washing dishes by hand is more useful than a dishwasher. Researchers believe that washing dishes in the dishwasher may cause allergies in children.

allergies in children

The role of the dishwasher in causing allergies

According to the News Letter, the results of this study showed that washing dishes with a dishwasher may expose children to allergic and allergy-related diseases such as asthma or eczema. This finding supports the theory of health. The theory is that exposure to a variety of microbes from an early age may help boost immune function.

“In this study, the relationship between dishwashing methods and the risk of allergies was tested, and the findings are well in line with health theory because there are studies,” said Dr. Bill Hesselmar, lead author of the study from Sylvia Children’s Hospital in Sweden. Confirming that washing dishes by hand is often less effective in reducing the amount of bacteria on dishes than washing dishes in the dishwasher, which puts the child’s immune system in contact with germs from an early age. Be safe and these conditions play a significant role in strengthening the immune system.

However doctor “Hslmar” stressed that the study can not be cut off cause – effect relationships between washing dishes by hand and reduce the risk of diseases associated with allergy confirmed.

allergies in children

Dishwasher and children’s allergies

The survey asked parents of more than 1,000 Swedish children about their child’s history of asthma, eczema and seasonal allergies, as well as how to wash dishes at home.

Experts say that about 12 percent of families wash their dishes by hand: “Children in these families are less prone to diseases than children whose dishes are washed in the dishwasher.” Have been associated with allergies.


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