The child’s psyche is ruined by your words

Are you raping your child’s psyche? Parents who unknowingly abuse the child’s psyche with disrespect and misbehavior should raise false and true statements.



How does child abuse occur?

How disgusting and hateful the word “rape” is. Maybe when you hear that word, the ugly act of rape immediately comes to your mind. Or when we hear about the rape of a child or teenager, how upset we feel for our children and try to give them important and necessary warnings.


But does rape mean only rape? The answer is no.
Although some parents are very careful about this problem, it should be noted that there are other types of child rape that are sometimes far worse and more dangerous than rape, and the consequences will be more widespread and lasting. In this section, I want to point out some of these forms of rape and give everyday examples of them.

When you enter the house, you see your 5-year-old daughter crying. “My dear girl, why are you crying?” He asked sadly. And he replies, “Because my doll is sick.” You pick up the doll and push it to prove to your sad child that the doll is not alive, so he will not get sick and it is wrong for you to cry. This (transgression of the child’s understanding) of existence and life.


Important points of child mental health

Respect for the ownership of the child The
sense of ownership of the child must be respected. Under no circumstances should parents give their toy to another child for even a few minutes without their child’s permission. Sometimes parents face opposition from their child who does not want to give part of their food to another child, in these cases, unfortunately, they either force the child to do so or by closing titles such as miserly, bad, and… They try to persuade him to do what his parents want him to do.


Rape of the child’s personality and emotions
In transmitting moral teachings, sometimes parents, regardless of the development of the child’s moral judgment, have expectations from him that the child is not able to meet and comply with it is not necessary for his age.


On the other hand, when we, as parents, give a moral order to our child but do not act on it ourselves, or when we make an inappropriate comment on that moral concept, we have violated the morality of the children, for example, to our child. We say, “You have to respect your elder,” or “It’s bad to be angry,” but when a child asks us, “Daddy, then why are you angry with Grandpa,” we make a false excuse or say: “Because the grandfather himself is immoral.”


Rape of a child’s emotions in various forms is common in families. You must have heard these words a lot:

Do you love your father more or your mother?

If I buy you something, then you love me. ?

You who do not listen to me, I do not love you.


In child abuse, sometimes behaviors are observed by parents. Forcing a child to imitate another person’s behavior (such as eating, walking, talking) is a very wrong and humiliating act. The child is not a clown and we must respect his character.


Rape of the child’s psyche and child-rearing appetites

Rape of a child’s psyche

When we find our child’s weakness and try to upset or joke with him/her by making him / her sensitive, we have raped his / her psyche. For example, if your child hates something, constantly mention its name in front of the child or target the child’s psyche to punish him, such as saying that you no longer have the right to play with children, this is rape of the child’s psyche. Sometimes a child who is playing in his own world and does not want anything to disturb his loneliness and privacy, once we ignore the child’s mental privacy, we lift him off the ground and put him on his head.

Sometimes we take care of the child (body) by leaving heavy and tedious tasks to him. There is nothing wrong with expecting a child to help his mother with household chores, but if we do not expect him to be appropriate for the child’s strength and age, we have raped his body. Even when we ask the child not to vent his emotions, we are actually encroaching on the child’s body and mind at the same time, because restricting the child when he needs to vent emotionally will hurt his body as well.

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