The childish story of an excuse doll

story of an excuse doll

Storytelling has a tremendous effect on children because children have a high power of visualization and when they hear the story, they put themselves in the place of the protagonist and imitate their behavior. If our child shows undesirable behaviors such as excuses, violence, etc., we can do something by telling stories so that our child does not repeat that behavior.

داستان کودکانه

If you have a child making excuses at home who complains about all the food and is constantly nagging with unreasonable excuses, do not punish him in any way, but tell him this childish story .

The story of the excuse doll:

One day Mahsa and her mother went to the market. Mahsa saw a beautiful doll there and asked her mother to buy it for her because it was very beautiful and had good morals and she was not an excuse.

Mahsa bought the doll and brought it home. Every time he pressed the doll on his belly, he would say, “Mom… I want my mom.” At this time, Mahsa gave him a toy milk bottle. The doll thanked Mahsa with a smile after drinking the milk.

excuse doll

Mahsa loved her doll very much and played with her constantly and enjoyed the good manners of her doll. But children, little by little, the morals of Mahsa doll changed and became immoral. He no longer liked to drink milk and was constantly frowning. Even when Mahsa pressed the button on the doll’s belly, the doll did not talk to him and his frown was mixed.

Mahsa was very upset and hit the doll button several times in the hope that her doll would talk to her, but the doll did not talk to Mahsa, even the third time that Mahsa wanted to hit the doll button, she screamed. Mahsa put the milk bottle close to the doll’s mouth, but the doll did not like to drink her milk and was constantly making excuses.

Mahsa was sitting sad and wondering why her good-natured doll was an excuse? He did not succeed in everything he thought, so he decided to take the doll to the doctor because he wanted the same good-natured doll and did not want the doll to be an excuse.

Mahsa took the doll to the doctor. The doctor asked Mahsa why did you bring your doll, doctor?

Mahsa said: “It is very bad-tempered, Mr. Doctor, maybe my doll is sick.”

excuse doll

The doctor examined Mahsa’s doll and said: “Your doll has an excuse, but I have to tell you that he got this disease from someone else in your blood, from someone who makes a lot of excuses and your doll has learned from him.” In order for your doll to be good, everyone in the house must be good-natured and not make excuses, so that your doll will be good and become kind and good-natured again.

Mahsa came out of the doctor’s office thinking to herself. Guys, in your opinion, from whom did Mahsa Mrizi doll get an excuse? From that day on, Mahsa decided not to moan at home and make excuses, so when her mother cooked for her at night, she put the doll in front of her and ate all her food without making excuses so that the doll could learn from her. Then he thanked his mother and washed his hands with soap and set the table with his help.

The doll looked at Mahsa kindly and learned all the good things from Mahsa. After a few days, Mahsa was no longer making excuses at home. Seeing Mahsa’s good deeds and behaviors, the doll put aside the excuse and became good-natured and kind again. Now she was saying again: Mom…. mom …. I want to.

Mahsa was happy with her doll and gave her milk. The doll ate all the milk and thanked Mahsa and fell into a sweet sleep in Mahsa’s arms. Children Mahsa learned not to make excuses anymore and to listen to her mother and always be kind and kind to others so that everyone would love her.


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