The biggest educational mistakes of parents 1

One of the biggest mistakes in parenting is that parents think that if they are friends with their children and always look like them, they will get the best results, which is a pure mistake in raising a child.



Big parenting mistakes in raising a child

Parents who treat their children like friends do them more harm than good. It is true that friendship with a child and establishing a good and intimate relationship with him is very important, but everything has its own way.

Alice Phillips, the principal of the girls’ school, told the parents of her students about the negative effects they have on their children, especially when they involve them in arguments.


Friendship with a child increases his self-confidence

“Parents do their best to meet all of their children’s needs quickly, and all their goal is to convey a good feeling to their child,” Atian magazine wrote.
When their child is in trouble, they simply say:
Don’t worry baby, I had a problem with math too. I did not understand history at all and my score was always low. Lines are the worst words that can be used to give hope to a child, that is, you discourage the child from trying with the language of dumbness.
 It is better to know that you are the initial role model of your child, and by saying these words, you will let him know that you have been a very sluggish person on the way to achieving your goals, which makes the child’s perception of you in his mind unpleasant.

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