The best toy for children from 1 to 2 years old

Two-year-olds are more interested in being active and moving than other children. They have learned to walk and this is a long way for them to discover the world around them.


What birthday gifts for two-year-olds?

Your two-year-old is full of energy and curiosity, so you may want to choose activities for him to get his attention. The following are toys that are great for giving as gifts to these children.

best toy

The best toy for children from 1 to 2 years old

Suitable toys for two-year-olds


Your child at this age will enjoy moving around on his tricycle. Using this game device is also useful to flourish his sense of independence. He can move like the wind and learn to pedal. Choose models that have a wider level of reliability.

Art supplies

How do you value your child’s first drawings and stripes? Are they on your grandmother’s fridge or on your workplace wall? It’s great, but it’s better to encourage your child artist by giving him or her the safe tools he or she needs to do crafts (such as magic, pastels, watercolors, and cardboard) and then sit back and watch his or her creativity. Do not forget to check the labels of these items to make sure they are all non-toxic and washable.

Kitchen related toys

Prepare your child now to become a skilled cook. Toddlers enjoy playing with fruits, dishes, and plastic utensils. With these toys, he imitates what you or the chefs do in the kitchen, and over time, their play with these devices becomes more skillful and sophisticated.


A box of sand with a special bucket and shovel will be very fun and interesting for your child. He can build a castle or a hill with sand. Even if it has a yellow truck, it adds to the charm of the game. He can pour sand into the truck and then empty the rain.


A book is a great gift for all ages, but for a toddler, you should look for a book that has more than a few words per page, and whose stories are a little more complex than baby book stories. Go to the bookstore and get some books that you like and are suitable for your child’s age and give them as gifts to your child.

Bath toys

You can easily turn bath time into fun time. In addition to plastic ducks, you can find interesting toys that can clean your baby, for example, a hippopotamus or a tiger or a bear or fish soap.

The best toy for children from 1 to 2 years old

Large wooden blocks

These blocks enhance emerging skills such as skill picking, picking, and sorting. Make sure the blocks are large enough that the toddler cannot put them in his mouth; This will prevent the risk of suffocation.


Toddlers enjoy the clever challenge of playing with puzzles and also learn shapes and colors while playing. You can make different types of beautiful wooden animal puzzles (suitable for his age) for him.

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