The best time to separate a child’s bedroom

Separating a child’s bedroom is a bit difficult for parents, as sometimes the child sleeps with the mother until school age, and this dependence is complete to the detriment of both parties, unaware of when and how to put the child to bed separately.



Tips for separating a child’s bedroom

Separating a child’s bedroom and putting the child to sleep apart from the parents is sometimes associated with the child’s resistance and stubbornness, but with the right approach, this problem can be overcome.


The only scent that soothes the baby is the mother’s scent, and the mother’s voice is an integral part of every baby that gets used to it from the time of the fetus, but these dependencies make it impossible for mothers to separate their child’s bedroom at an older age, and some Children even have to sleep with their mother until the age of 12, and this creates many problems due to the fact that the mother, father and child do not share sleeping hours. Many times the question arises for many mothers at what age should they separate their child from sleep?
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Separating a child’s bedroom

A sociologist and university professor say about what age is the best time to separate the sleeping place of mother and child: Iranian mothers are very emotional and most of them sleep with their children until the age of 5 out of great interest and from that moment Born to think that their baby is weak and has no independence,

they focus all their time and grief on the fact that they should never leave their baby alone even at bedtime. Outside the home, due to fatigue from daily work and lack of careful planning and lack of management control over sleep hours, with their child’s room separated, they may be forced to wake up during the night and calm their baby cries at night, but because Excessively tired, they can no longer go from room to room and prefer to put their baby to sleep next to them.

According to him, the best time to separate the baby’s sleeping area from the mother is from birth, and one should get used to this system of feeding and changing diapers in the baby’s bedroom, because otherwise even at the age of 2 to 3 years. It will be very difficult for the child to separate from the mother and give up the habit of sleeping next to her,

and the cries and impatience of the night will finally make the mother tired and give in to her child, and the work may reach a point where the mother even goes to school. He has a problem because he is not willing to be separated from his mother even for an hour, and he is completely unfamiliar with the word independence in any way.

Many of the problems of adulthood can be prevented from the earliest days of birth. If you address your child’s needs before he or she speaks, it will be a factor in creating further problems. Let your baby sleep in another room. Feel the need and then meet the need, this small event will strengthen the foundations of your child’s sense of independence.

He goes on to point out that parents of children in many developed countries have completely solved this problem for themselves with careful planning from birth, adding: “It should be noted that if you go ahead with the plan, you will calm down in a short time.”

You will get a good night’s sleep, in addition, this action will have its positive effects in adulthood; Because your child is an independent person with high self-confidence and can easily choose his / her clothing model or type of food at a younger age and his / her field of study, job, and spouse at an older age.

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