The best shampoo for children’s hair loss

Getting children interested in washing their hair and head in the bathroom is one of the favorite topics for parents and they use any method they can in this way, but which shampoo did they use to wash their children’s delicate hair?



Shampoo to prevent hair loss in  children


The use of soap for washing hair and body has long been obsolete and manufacturers provide special shampoos for every age and every type of hair. For this reason, most parents these days use baby hair products to wash their baby’s head and body.

Children’s hair may one day swell, curl, straighten or change color. Some children may also lose some of their hair locally with the whole. Parents need to increase their knowledge in this regard, as well as shampoos and products suitable for their child.

 Children’s hair loss
Some parents are surprised and sometimes frightened when they see their child’s hair start to fall out and thin after birth. This is true of many children, although the timing may vary. Some babies experience hair loss immediately after birth, while others experience it a few weeks later.
The cause of this is not yet clear. Some believe that children’s hair loss is related to hormonal changes . These changes may even continue until the baby is born in the first year, which is why some one-year-olds are still bald and hairless.
hair loss

Types of hair problems and its treatment

Localized hair loss
Children’s hair falls locally on a specific part of the head, which is usually behind the head. This is one of the problems that pediatricians are currently investigating. This type of hair loss does not pose a serious risk to the child and in most cases resolves on its own after a while.
One of the main causes of this type of hair loss is putting the child to sleep on his back. Nowadays, doctors recommend that parents put their children to sleep on their stomachs for a while during the hours when the child is awake, in order to reduce local hair loss. In addition to reducing hair loss, this also prevents straightening of the back of the head.
You still do not grow hair!
If you are worried about your child’s hair growth, you should pay more attention to the scalp than the hair itself. The use of shampoos and various products also affect the baby’s scalp more than they affect the hair. If your child’s scalp is normal, know that this hair loss is temporary. Healthy scalp should be soft and free of any redness, scratches or extra skin. If you have any of these symptoms, it is best to discuss this with your child’s doctor. Usually doctors solve the problem by prescribing one or more drugs. Also, if the child did not have any of these symptoms but still did not start growing hair until the age of two, you should definitely consult a specialist.
Suitable shampoo for children
Despite the variety of shampoos on the market today, parents are sometimes confused in choosing the right shampoo for their child. Although using natural and homemade shampoos is still one of the best options, we will all eventually have to choose.
What criteria do you consider for selection? Are you content with TV commercials or do you have other criteria in mind? If your child’s hair is weak or falling out, which type of shampoo is right for you ? If you are looking for comprehensive guidance in this regard, you can use the guidance we provide. Of course, note that each child’s scalp is different from the other. You should also consider your child’s specific needs when choosing a shampoo.
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Mild shampoo of choice for children

Gentle shampoo
For babies, a mild shampoo is the best option. Not only do these shampoos not have an unnatural color, but they also do not contain essential oils and generally do not cause allergic reactions on the baby’s skin. Before buying shampoo, be sure to read the information on the back of the product. Shampoos that do not contain excess chemicals, dyes and essential oils are the best options.
Of course, it should be noted that all shampoos contain preservatives. But it is better for baby shampoos to have mild preservatives. These preservatives include citrus kernel extract, photoxitanol, vitamins C , A and E. These preservatives can also be found in other children’s skin products, including creams.
Shampoos of natural ingredients
Shampoos, soaps and creams made from natural ingredients are very suitable for the sensitive skin of infants and children. Shampoos made from vegetable oils and jojoba oil are good choices.
It is best not to buy scented shampoos, even though they look very seductive. Because in most cases, these shampoos contain chemicals that are harmful to the baby’s skin. If you want your child’s shampoo to be fragrant, look for a shampoo made from chamomile or other fragrant and soothing herbs.
Do not burn the eyes
These shampoos are very gentle cleansers. For this reason, they do not burn the child’s eyes.
Usually in the composition of such shampoos, there is no substance that is harmful to the scalp and consequently the baby’s hair. The anti-irritant properties of the shampoo are specifically mentioned on the product packaging.
Avoid these shampoos
Shampoos with chemicals abbreviated DEA and TEA should be avoided. Both of these substances react with the nitrite in most shampoos. This reaction leads to the production of a type of nitrosamine that is absorbed very quickly through the baby’s scalp and can be problematic for his health.

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