The best sentences to increase children’s confidence

Increase your child’s self-confidence by saying a few great things that are recommended by child psychologists so that you can get to your child before his or her low self-esteem bothers him or her.



Increase children’s confidence with a few sentences


Increase your child’s self-confidence by saying a few great things that are recommended by child psychologists so that you can get to your child before his or her low self-esteem bothers him or her.

A child with high self-esteem gives the spirit of victory and success to every path he takes. No matter how difficult it is for him to do what he is doing, the self-belief and self-confidence that his parents have nurtured in him since childhood will make him a hardworking and poisonous person.

To increase your child’s confidence, read and do these tips and sentences:

1. Consider her presence in the family important. Say, for example, “When God gave us you, He knew what we needed in life.”


2. Excuse me baby. Can you forgive me for what I did?


3. I forgive you. And I will not raise this issue again. OK?


4. I just want to spend time with you tonight. What would you like us to do?


5. Yes, I’m cooking the food you love tonight.


6. I trust you.


7. Thank you.


8. Using positive attributes. I can not believe how … you are.


9. I am proud of you.


10. I put money on the table for you.


11. I believe in nonsense.


12. I am proud of you. Even though you were not very good, I am still proud of you.


13. I know we haven’t talked much face to face lately. But I want you to know that I accept you. Even if I do not agree with you. And I try to improve the relationship between us so that we can both understand each other well.


14. I got something for you.

children's confidence

Increase children’s confidence

15. Be sure to describe his abilities in a particular subject. I have recently seen that you have made a lot of progress in something. Just like you used to do.


16. I admire you for something. I can learn a lot from you in this regard.


17. It was a very smart choice.


18. Baby, are you really a man / woman? I can not say how exciting it is!


19. I know very well how annoyed you are in such and such a case. I am really sorry. I do not know how difficult it is for you to bear this, but I know that you have had difficult moments.


20. You are always my child and I always forgive and love you.


21. Now go to bed and rest tomorrow morning and do not think about anything at all.


22. I did not think you could do such a thing. You really impressed me.


23. What do you think about something?


24. Because I knew you had a job and you do not remember, I canceled your dental appointment.


25. Apply good qualities about his father. I love your father very much. He is really wonderful.


26. I like to spend my time with you.


27. I’m so glad you’re home now.


28. I would like to do something with you.


29. You are one of the best gifts God has given me. I am really happy God gave you to me!


30. I feel special pride when I am with you.


31. You did a very good job.


32. I made your favorite food.


33. I love you as you are. I know you may not be very happy with yourself, but God knew exactly how to create you. And I love you as He created you, and I do not want you to be different.


34. I am sure God cares for both of us. He has always done that. Let’s ask him and pray together.


35. By the grace and help of God, your father and I will never, ever be separated.


36. How much does a certain dress fit you?


37. If I were you, I would feel the same way.


38. Can you turn up the volume on the music you listen to?


39. You are very disciplined in some work.


40. So what you did was really brave.


41. Do you feel that I am putting you in a coat?


42. If you wanted to change something in me as your mother, what would it be?


43. You really have a good talent in some field.


44. Let’s visit Grandma and Grandpa together.


45. Watching you grow up is really interesting.


46. ​​I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you.


47. I miss you but I’m glad you’re having fun.


48. You really make me happier when you are yourself.


49. I love you so much.


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