The age at which the child sleeps apart from the parents

Sleeping with a child should not become a habit and both the child and the parents should not think that separation is impossible. The best time and the best age for children to sleep apart are determined by child psychologists.



The child sleeps next to the parents

One of the most important things that concern young parents is whether they should put their child to sleep in their own room or get them used to sleep in their own room from the beginning. Worrying that something might go wrong with the baby and the mother not notice, causes many mothers to put their baby to bed in their own bed … As the baby gets older and gets used to it, putting him to sleep alone in his own room is a complicated matter. Becomes.

Mitra Hakim Shoushtari, Associate Professor of Iran University of Medical Sciences, referring to the complications and consequences of separating the child’s bedroom from the parents, says: “Culturally, we must pay attention to the dimensions that are very important. Most mothers separate the child’s bedroom from 6 months and 8 months.” And this helps the child to get used to the absence of parents in the environment in which he sleeps and accepts that environment, but often parents do not do this and leave after the child becomes aware of the environment. Kurds and practically face a lot of resistance until the age of two, but the child does not want to have a separate room.

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Sleeping with parents should not be a habit

If parents can not put the child to sleep alone, do not leave the child’s bed between them, at least next to the mother, and another option that can not separate the child’s room from the parents is for parents to be in their room with their children until the child gets used to the parents’ bedroom. It is harder not to break this habit, ie the child does not feel safe in his room and the child stays with the parents for a long time and becomes more dependent, and this gives him the feeling that everything should be managed by the parents, even the needs that may be The night needs it.

However, in the latter stages of his life, when he wants to go somewhere and be away from his parents, it is practically difficult for him, and in fact, he is known as dependent on society, and the fear of the dark, the fear of loneliness may be more intense. And become accustomed to the fact that he always opens his eyes to see someone next to him and gave him the feeling of being alone and did not give the child the opportunity to do so.

If the child is put to sleep by threatening, reprimanding, and forcing him/her to sleep, it will cause the parents’ relationship with the child to deteriorate and the child to feel fear and insignificance, and this can happen in the long run.

Sometimes when children sleep alone after a while, they insist on sleeping with their parents again, that we should look for anxiety problems in the child, and that there is a scary stimulus in the environment that gives the child some scary information, and these factors cause To experience things away from their parents that they do not actually share.

Parents are very sensitive to the fact that something special is happening to their child, some of these parents do not show anything in front of the child about sexual issues but emphasize that you should be in your room or do not allow them to enter their room and They are very curious about the work of children, and because now children can, unfortunately, get some information through various media such as satellite sexual information, so they look for relationships between their parents, and this causes a sense of fear. And insecurity develops in the child because children have more real feelings for their mother and become aggressive towards their mother.

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