Teach your children etiquett

Teaching etiquette and socializing to children

Life is sweet in the family and even in society when children learn from childhood what to do in relation to others; They need to know what to say when talking to others, how to avoid making fun of others’ mistakes, and …

1. Teach your children polite behaviors when introduced to someone, such as getting up, greeting. , Smile, shake hands and … observe.
2-Teach your children a set of polite words such as please, if possible, and so on.
3- Make them know that when someone is kind to them, they should be thankful for it.


The importance of teaching etiquette and socializing to children

4- Give small responsibilities to your children so that they will be responsible in the future (watering the flowers, cooking simple foods, ironing clothes, etc.).

5- Do not make your children feel comfortable (do not do anything for them)
6- They should know that if they made a mistake or caused trouble to someone, they should apologize.

7- It is appropriate for your children to be chaste and to be ashamed of saying some words. In associating with others, parents can get their children used to responding respectfully to others. Instead of saying “Home”, “Han”, it is better to say “Yes”, “No” and “Sure”.
8- Children should know that it is good to pause (not long pause) while talking, because it makes them think before they start talking.


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