Teach children to go to the toilet in 3 days

When it comes time to teach your child to go to the toilet, you can reach your goal very quickly and easily with the right program and only three days.



Important points about children going to the toilet

Has your child reached the age where he or she needs to be taught to go to the bathroom? Well, when it comes time to teach your child to go to the toilet, you can reach your goal very quickly and easily with the right plan and only three days. During these three days, you should not have a special cooking or cleaning schedule or invite your friends home.

On the other hand, it is better to do the plans related to these three days in advance; That means doing your shopping and preparing food in advance, cleaning the house before school starts, getting ready to start playing, painting, watching cartoons, and spending time with your child. You should prepare your child’s education program in advance and dedicate three days to this task. Keep calm, we will tell you how you can handle this.


Things you need

to take off some long T-shirts that cover part of your baby’s thighs. Why? Because he is supposed to do commando moves for three days. The hypothesis behind this is that he knows there is no diaper to use to urinate or defecate in it, in fact, you should make it clear to him that he should go to the bathroom bare and without diapers. But if this makes you feel bad, using underwear without underwear will not be a problem either. During the process of this exercise, we do not wear baby pants because we want to see when it sabotages.

Step # 1- Discovering Your Purpose

The child will sabotage anyway; This is part of the exercise. In fact, children learn things from these exercises. This three-day training for going to the toilet has nothing to do with punishment during exercise. You will clean up his vandalism and simply encourage him to do it in the toilet next time.

Step #

2- Discovering Your Purpose In these three days, encourage your child to drink more juice than usual. This clearly causes him to want to urinate, and this is what you are looking for; Feeling like urinating and going to the bathroom.

Step 3: Keep reminding her to go to the bathroom

If your child does not go to the bathroom after drinking a can of juice, remind him that he must go to the bathroom to urinate. If he resists your reminder and says “no” and stands by it, tell him to just try it. Remind him that this is just an exercise, not a game. You are his coach and you should pay attention to his learning.

Step 4: Give him a prize

If your child is not interested in sweets and chocolate, it will be useless to tell him that you will buy him a chocolate prize. It is better to prepare the reward that you have planned for him in advance so that when he does his job properly, you immediately encourage him. Of course, you are not going to reward him every time; Because the prize is only for the time he urinates in the toilet, not on the carpet or in his pants.

Now it’s time to explain to you how to teach your child to go to the toilet for three days: – When

your child wakes up in the morning, first change his wet diaper and throw it away. Have your child throw away the diaper and say goodbye to it.


Then put on one of the very large T-shirts you bought and explain that there is no diaper in which he wants to urinate or defecate, so he should go to the bathroom when he feels the need to defecate. Go.

Give him breakfast and plenty of fluids. Then lead him to the toilet. After drinking all those liquids, this will definitely be a successful move.

Do your other chores, but remember not to leave the story alone. That means playing together, drawing, reading books, and watching cartoons.

Put a cup of water in your child’s hand. Take her to the toilet every 15 minutes, for up to three days.

Shut down any drinks and snacks after dinner. Because he may urinate in his sleep and feel ashamed of his failure.

– Perform the last step of going to the toilet before going to sleep.

– Wake up your child in the middle of the night to go to the toilet.

Do the same in the next two days.

Do not be angry if your child sabotages during this time. no problem. Do not react to this issue to get the best and fastest result. If he sabotages, tell him that there is no problem, we will practice again to succeed. Do not stress

your child in any way that he has to learn to go to the toilet for three days. Tell him we have three days of training, but we will continue training if necessary. In addition, never rush to learn quickly for your child and make everything laugh and happy. Let your child learn calmly.

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