Teach children good behavior instead of stopping bad work

Raising and educating children does not mean stopping them from bad work and behavior, but teaching good and right behavior in life.

Teach good behavior
 to our children

In many societies, upbringing, education means preventing children from working and behaving badly. Half of a parent’s job is like a police officer standing at a crossroads, just waiting for someone to break the penalty to punish him or her. But what works today is teaching good behavior.

Whereas in today’s world, educating is like learning to drive properly and obeying the rules and regulations, and parents do not and should not play the role of police, courts, and prisons. But because of philosophical perceptions, the mental background of many people is such that man is a bad creature, a condemned and cursed sinner, vile and filthy, and perhaps opportunistic and opportunistic, and to the point that, unfortunately, he is often a projection of the present. And our feeling is to the children.

Although scientific studies show that children go through a certain path in terms of moral development that is related to their perceptual stages, adolescents and young people are morally better than their parents in most societies.

Therefore, we as parents are at risk, instead of considering our child good, pure and conscientious; In the sense that we see a candle lit in his being that not only illuminates his inside but also illuminates the outside; Let’s see him with a fire that burns his own existence and will probably burn others as well. While we are supposed to consider our child to have a conscience that has a balance, but not with his eyes closed but with his eyes open; Not a sword in hand, but a hand for kindness and love.



It is the duty of parents to plant the tree of knowledge, righteousness, and friendship in their children

If we think like that, we will see and know him as fair and just, and it is clear that the way we treat his children will be different. It is true that the child has a curiosity; It is true that he is ignorant, powerless and needy, but it is very different than you and I consider him bad or guilty. Plus assuming it is! , ((All scientific studies show that a child can not be stopped from bad work or no human being can be stopped from bad work)).

Suppose you succeed in doing this and say that I have ways to keep my child from doing bad things. My message to you is that unfortunately you are making such a child useless and useless.


Stopping a child from doing something wrong is tantamount to doing nothing, and it is in this situation that you seem to have succeeded but not really. In addition, you know that a child who is only stopped from doing bad things is secretly, lying, pretending, flattering, stubborn, spiteful, self-harming, and so on. However, learning good and learning friendship and righteousness is undoubtedly the duty of parents and a simple task.

We must fill our children’s lives with good work so that they do not have time for bad work or bad thoughts,
because the existence of a child is like a land that is looking for a flower seed to be able to create a flower garden. Like medical schools or engineering schools where professors tell their students not to do this and that, the whole medical and engineering course is not to do this; Do not do that; Do not go here and do not go there; On the contrary, all medical work and all engineering work is that it’s my duty as parents to be even kinder, more sincere and closer than the educational environment.

So it is the duty of parents to learn. Learning that comes with activity and with an activity that creation and growth and evolution is possible. That is why in today’s world, parents are teachers, educators, nurses, doctors, helpers, co-workers, and friends of their own child.

It is the duty of parents to plant the tree of knowledge, righteousness and friendship in their children, rather than weeding. In today’s world, we must fill the lives of our children and loved ones with so much good work that they do not have time for bad work or bad thoughts or, in the right language, bad mental activity.

So the transformation that has taken place in today’s world is a change that sends us the message that, as parents, we are supposed to educate, not just keep our child from doing bad things, and the slogan that should be behind The head of consciousness is that:



It is the duty of parents to plant the tree of knowledge, righteousness, and friendship in their children

We know that, unfortunately, most of the deviations and troubles of children are during unemployment and the opportunity of summer vacation. Because they have something to do. So it is the parents’ duty to fill their children all the time in the waking state with good work, not to try to find bad work and mistakes and problems. Unfortunately, this is still the case in the educational environment.

When you write five hundred words, two of which are incorrect; It is not said that four hundred and ninety-eight are true, but it is said that two are false. Hence, it is with this message that most of us soon come to the conclusion that I am ignorant, incompetent, with deep and fundamental problems. So it is better to stay away from teaching or learning in any field.

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